Instant Notifications From
Favorite Local Shops

Mobile. Local. Instant.

Simply be in the vicinity of your favorite local places and be
instantly alerted with information, discounts, rewards & more!

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Step 1

Download the free yoohoo app
(Available for iOS & Android – Soon)

Step 2

Visit your favorite participating
local shops & discover new ones. 

Step 3

Get instant alerts with relevant
content, menus, discounts & more.

Yoohoo… Your favorite shops have surprises waiting for you!

With the Yoohoo app installed, the next time you stop by your favorite local coffee shop you might just earn a reward.  Or maybe you’ll find a coupon waiting for you when you swing by to pick up your dry-cleaning at the cleaners.

The Yoohoo app is available (coming soon) on the Apple App Store & Android Market and gives you local shop news, daily specials, unadvertised discounts and coupons.  When you’re within the vicinity or walking through the doors, you’ll get a notification that something is available.  Simply tap on it to reveal what the shopkeeper is offering you today.

Just download the free Yoohoo app (soon) and let the interactive magic begin!


Are you a merchant and would like to offer Yoohoo at your establishment? Awesome!  Find out more here.


  Coupons & Deals

Save money at your favorite local restaurants, coffee shops and more.  Simply view the offer on how to redeem your discount.

 Menus & Daily Specials

Certain restaurants may offer a sampling of their menu to tease your palate. Or they might just let you know that the Pastrami on Rye is just $4.99!

Shop News & Greetings

Maybe a merchant just wants to let you know about the latest items “now in stock. Sometimes it may just be a welcome or holiday greeting.

 Customizable Categories

Just view the alerts you’re interested in and turn off the ones you are not.  You can even temporarily pause all alerts  in  “do not disturb” mode.


 Earn Rewards

Some merchants offer points just for stopping by! You’ll automatically know when you’ve collected the required amount to unlock your reward.

 Digital Loyalty Cards

Forget paper cards you can lose.  Earn punches automagically right on your phone.

 Real Estate Listings

Driving by a property that has Yoohoo will display more information about that particular listing.

 General Information

Colleges might offer daily news & updates.  Churches might offer schedules & announcements.  Sporting events and attractions may offer maps & details. 

Shop Owners: Put Yoohoo in your store today.  Check out our $29 Pre-Launch Special! Expires 1/31/16

Local Deals From An App That’s FREE!

What’s not to love?  Pick your flavor and start exploring your town in a whole new way.

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