Stop Searching. Start Discovering.

Stumble across local deals, discounts and more.

Yoohoo instantly alerts you when you’re near local places that
are offering discounts, daily deals, rewards & much more!

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With the Yoohoo app installed, as soon as you’re near your favorite local coffee shop you might just be notified with a coupon.  You could even be alerted that there’s a daily deal available at that new sushi place across the street that you’ve be dying to try.

No searching. The deals and information come to you. The Yoohoo app gives you location based shop news, daily specials, unadvertised discounts and coupons.  Whether you are within the vicinity or walking through the doors, you’ll get a notification that something is available.  Simply tap to reveal what the shopkeeper is offering you today.

Select the categories of alerts you’d like to receive from Food & Drink, Shopping & Services, Sports & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Events & Information and Real Estate.  There’s also a “Do Not Disturb” mode.  Plus, you can review everything you’ve found and even pin and save your favorites to use at a later date.

Just download the free Yoohoo app for Apple or Android and start discovering new things all over town.


Are you a merchant and would like to offer Yoohoo at your establishment? Awesome! Find out more here.


Step 1

Download the free Yoohoo app
(Available for iOS & Android)

Step 2

Visit your favorite participating
local shops & discover new ones. 

Step 3

Get instant alerts with relevant
content, menus, daily deals & more.


  Customizable Content

Get only the alerts you’re interested in and turn off the ones you are not.  Or temporarily pause all alerts  in  “do not disturb” mode.  Pin and save your favorite deals to use later.  

 Food & Drink

Save money at your favorite local restaurants & coffee shops.  View current offers or purchase daily deals on the spot. Get general information, menu samples, happy hour deals & more.

Sports & Entertainment

Sporting events, museums and attractions offer maps and details.  Enjoy movie and theater ticket discounts.  Discover nightclub promotions and schedules.

 Events & Information

Colleges, schools & religious groups offer daily announcements & updates.  Get information on local Craft Fairs & Farmers Markets. Be greeted by the happy couple at a wedding.


 Rewards & Loyalty Cards

Earn points just for stopping by! You’ll know when you’ve collected enough to unlock your reward. Forget paper cards you can lose.  Walk in & earn punches automagically.  No need to take your phone out of your pocket.

 Shopping & Services

Forget paper cards you can lose.  Just walk in and earn punches automagically.  You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket.

 Health & Beauty

Earn loyalty points from the nail salon you frequent or enjoy discounts at your next hair cut.  Teeth whitening & chiropractic services offer discounts.  Relax knowing you saved on your trip to the day spa.

 Real Estate

Get notified about a listing or open house up to a half mile away with with audio and video along with Realtor contact credentials. Apartment and vacation rentals are now included.

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Local deals & discounts from an app that’s free!

What’s not to love?  Download it now and start exploring your city in a brand new way.

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