$69.99 WG545.1 WORX 20V Max Lithium Blower/Sweeper + FREE Gutter Kit Included! WORX

$69.99 WG545.1 WORX 20V Max Lithium Blower/Sweeper + FREE Gutter Kit Included! WORX
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Although I'd never seen the WG545.1 Worx 20V max lithium batter blower/sweeper before ordering it, I knew it would do the jobs we had in mind for it -- blowing out the garage, removing leaves from other spots around the house. My notion of it being a quality product comes from purchasing the Worx GT 2.0 trimmer/mower/edger back in the summer. The 3-way trimmer was everything we expected it to be -- and more !!! We're going to take the blower with us next time we go to our vacation spot in Western North Carolina to blow the leaves out of the gutters, too. The blower/sweeper is a quality, well-put-together product that is very light-weight, making it easy for this 65-year-old to use. Would I recommend this product to anyone else? Without hesitation, I would say in extremely big and - bright letters: "Y - E - S".
This machine arrived much smaller than I expected. It looks well built but lacks power. You will have difficulty removing grass and leaves on a paved surface. The battery only lasted 10-15 minutes on first two uses. There are better blowers out there for a little more money. I would say a good price for this unit is $59.00.
I absolutely love this product. I never knew it existed until I went to care for my father. He had one, and I used it. Was perfect size and weight for me, and it was strong enough to blow off drive and sidewalk. It's the perfect item for me, now that I've downsized my home and have little space for storage. Having it battery operated allows it to store clean...no gasoline and/or oil. The battery goes on and off easily for charging. No more sweeping and breaking my back in between lawn maintenance. Just whip this baby out and within 5 min., no debris. Haven't used the gutter kit yet, but I'm sure it's going to be great.

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