$849.00 DJI Mavic Pro Drone with 4K HD Camera DJI

$849.00 DJI Mavic Pro Drone with 4K HD Camera DJI
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  • Type: Ready to Fly Drone
  • Model: Mavic
  • MPN: CP.PT.000500
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • UPC: 190021279605

User reviews

I would expect anything less than perfect from dji. They took features from one of there best quads(drone) and packed into this little frame. I've been flying for years and this quad makes all my old quads obsolete.
This thing is the real deal. It is amazing how much technology they have built into this drone. It takes phenomenal video, takes off and lands by itself, and can let you know when you are flying too close to something. It has a geo-fence which prevents you from flying too high in certain areas, and knows when the battery is running down and will return to you so that you don't run out of battery before it is home. It folds up nicely and is very portable. I bought it refurbished, but I couldn't tell that it wasn't brand new.
I started with the Spark last year. In comparison, flying the Mavic Pro is like flying a fighter jet. Its faster, a bit larger, and has a more detailed piloting system. The image quality is phenomenal and its Occusync Communication sytem is better than Wi-Fi in Urban areas. It is much quieter than the Spark and thats not even with the Low-Noise Propellers. And the Spark is quieter than the Mavic Air. Just on those two things alone makes the Mavic Pro a better Quadcopter than the Mavic Air. The Mavic Air is a great Quad, but in urban environments that signal strength becomes an issue. I'm happy I got it. The Mavic Pro is the only Aircraft you'll need, ecspecially if you only need establishing shots every once in a while. Great product.

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