Acer KN242HYL 24″ IPS Full HD Monitor HDMI Built in Speakers Acer America $99.99

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  • Manufacturer: Acer America
  • MPN: UM.QX2AA.001
  • ScreenSize: 23.80
  • Model: UM.QX2AA.001
  • UPC: 888863257768

User reviews

For the price, you surely can't complain. I knocked off a star due to the blacks. I have a second monitor with a "higher-end brand name" sitting right next to it. When both screens display a solid black image, you learn what black really is. For this monitor, it means kinda still lit dark gray. For the other monitor it means OFF. hahaha But all in all, I'm happy with it. I knew what I was buying when I paid the price I did. It's still a decent enough monitor.
This is a huge improvement over my old 20" LCD. I did have to use my DVI cable because the HDMI was either causing the computer to freeze or go black for a few seconds every 10 mins +/-. I do not know if this is the screen because it could be the wire or even my GPU. I got this with the Black Friday deal so this was a great purchase for me. Picture quality is great for video and games, although it's hard to adjust the brightness because the white is to bright but if I turn it down the dark videos are hard to see. Could just be me, it does help to keep my room light on to reduce being blinded when the screen goes white. The menu is easy to use. I do recommend this and I would buy it again. I can't offer an opinion on the built in speakers as I use headphones.
The monitor picture quality and options are worth the money for general use. Not a gamer, so do not know how it would perform for that. Speakers are useless waste of space. Still have to use a set of auxiliary speakers.
Son loves it. Awesome picture.
Very good monitor.

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