Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear, Foldable Deep Bass Hi-Fi Stereo, Srhythm Unique Rubber Finish for Running Travel Work TV PC DJ Phone Gift Airplane Adaptor (Black) $40.79

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【ANC Technology】Use the high quality chip from TI (Texas Instruments),Advanced Active Noise Cancelling Technology quells 85% airplane cabin noise (Not Eliminate Talking Voice). compares and reacts to outside noise then cancels them with the opposite signal to bring you crystal clear sound....

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I have a set of UFO wired headphones and Sennheiser that are great quality. I spent $100-$150 love them on trips. My kids were looking for a pair of quality headphones and I don't want to spend that much on the headphones that I have. So she asked me to look on Amazon for a reasonably priced set of headphones, I decided to give these a try, and was I impressed. I also prefer this over other headphones for other reasons as well.I find Srhythm wireless to be very sturdy. Of course, nothing is unbreakable but this seems to be sturdier than the ones above.So, compare with:1. Srhythm2. Sennheiser3. UFOSound Signature – Srhythm -Treble lovers will enjoy these!Treble sound are emphasized over the ears, Bass is also well-defined, very much present and clear. Unlike other bass-emphasized headphones, the mid do not sound muffled, but are still well.Wired vs Wireless Sound QualityWhether listening to these headphones in wired, or wireless mode; In wireless mode the overall the sound is both less than wired mode.Sound ComparedBecause of the extended treble, classic music lover like me will choice Srhythm I prefer listening to classic and 80s music used the Srhythm Wireless are amazing.Wireless and Wired FunctionThe range on these headphones is good. I've had the my iPhone 7 over 30 feet away Wireless worked just fine, the reception is quite good.Battery Life and ChargingIt took me about 1 hour to fully charge the battery of this headphone. The battery is not user-removable. The manual states it lasts 12 hours. I've used it on and off for a day straight without having to charge it.ComfortThis is where these headphones feel good for me, pads made the fit much more comfortable. With the pads, my ears are fully-encased inside the pads, and no longer touch them directly. I can now wear the headphones longer with a lot more comfort.
Wasn't blown away, too much bass, but ANC was good...relieved some of the distortion. I've had the same experience from $10 Headphones...
The Srhythm Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (NC25) are great value, packs everything you could want in a wireless headset. Comes with a nice travel case for the unit and accessories. Performance wise, we use it while playing the game, Fortnite, the sound is very crisp at all ranges, and it is surprisingly better than our beats EP. The noise cancellation works quite well, and they are supremely comfortable to wear. Build quality is sturdy, yet light and soft. Operation is simple and straight forward, with easy bluetooth pairing. You can pair 2 devices, and it has a 16-hour battery to last through a long day of music and gaming. You can even activate voice dialing by pressing 2 control buttons. The control buttons are very handily located on-ear. All-in-all, alot of headphones for the money. This is definitely worth it.
I don't have many Bluetooth headphones to compare these too other than the Beats my parents owned, but these seem very nice for their price set. Thusfar, the sound quality is good and I've had no issues connecting to my iPod or phone. The battery life hasn't died out on me in the middle of use, but since I'll be using it for bus commutes and the like, I'll know better soon.I was a little disappointed to see the pair I received already had some of the protective coating/paint having been peeled or faded away (which is odd, seeing as they were still shrink-wrapped, but that's the only reason for my durability score.) I bought them on sale, so I don't raise too many complaints if they work well and keep working.
The sound is OK. The bass is kinda muddy. The highs not so high. But at this price point (which went down $10 only 12 days after I bought them) you can't complain.These headphones work well at cancelling noise....I was able to sleep thru the in cabin announcements and I even MISSED the drink cart on 2 occasions 'cause I was dozing off. Usually the rustle of opening crackers packages or the soda cans popping open will wake me...but not this time!! Useful way to avoid listening to the braggarts on the flight or the Captain talking about what direction the winds are coming from and at how many knots (why??).The unit is light. Most functions are performed with one button. It is too long to press for on/off, skip tracks, answer a call or avoid a call...?? I press the button for the requisite 3 seconds, and no lights blink, indicating it is off. Weird. Also...why have a button to CANCEL the noise activation feature?I wore them for the first time on four flights in one day (BDL>PHL>MCO. MCO>CLT>BDL). A fully charged headset outlasted my iPod Shuffle (yes I have one and it still works). I used the wired connection, as the shuffle is from 2009, and does not have bluetooth. Inserting the cord into the headphone, I only heard sound from the right side. Some wiggling of the cord and a reinsertion got me stereo sound, with no further issues. Using the cord for some reason made the unit not able to adjust the volume or change the tracks. These functions worked when switched over to my Samsung S7. The cord is a straight it sticks straight out about 2" from your jaw, and is in your peripheral vision. Why not make one end with a 90 degree bend? Cord length is OK. Maybe 2'. Any longer and it would be in the way, imho.Bluetooth connection went without a hitch. Pretty seamless. No rebooting of phone or headset necessary.Overall, very comfortable on my first day wearing them pretty much nonstop for 13 hours. Nice case, they fold flat and are lightweight. The foam and materials are soft to the touch and do a good job of cushioning the unit.

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