Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB (6ft) The Premium, Fastest, Most Durable Cable Anker $10.99

Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB (6ft) The Premium, Fastest, Most Durable Cable Anker $10.99
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  • Type: USB Cable
  • BOM_SKU: 1
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Length: 6ft
  • UPC: 848061030686

User reviews

Except a bit short in length, the skin of the power cord has a durable look. The cord is a bit hard to bend, which is a good point. Ports are well fit to both USB and MicroUSB. Plastic parts look a bit cheap. Good quality for overall. Worth every penny.
Anker is one of the top brands on the market for all of your power related tech. Being a company that solely produces chargers, batteries and cables it gives them more focus to produce a higher quality product. The Powerline + series is the successor of the all know anker powerline series, offering even more rigidity, and reliability then its predecessor. Powerline + picks up the slack (literally, being available in 6ft and 10ft lengths) of the original Powerline series and offers important design updates that plagued the original such as poor fit and dropped voltage in the line itself. This is the only cable I would consider buying as an alternative, or replacement to OEM charger cables shipped from big manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Available in a limited scheme of colors is the only drawback and for most, this is not a deal breaker. All in all, for the price you can not beat the reliability and peace of mind provided when using an Anker product, more specifically the Anker powerline +. Value: 4/5 Above average: The Anker Powerline+ series does cost more then its predecessor, as well as other options on the market, it still manages to be budget friendly considering the quality. You get what you pay for in this case, and it is a worthwhile investment. Quality/rigidity: 5/5: Excellent This charger peaks the charts in my experience in terms of quality overall. This charger provides a very utilitarian feel, and handles bends and kinks with ease, the woven nylon shell around the wire provides addition strength needed with day to day abuse. The male end of this port feels solid and does not flex nearly as much as any cable I have used on the market. Appearance: 4/5: Above average As mentioned in my review I stated that the color options are limited, but anker makes up points in the overall appearance of the cable. A cable with this rigidity should not look this good, but anker pulled through and even provides a premium felt magnetic carry case not usually to be expected at this price point.
This micro usb cable is by far the best charging cable I have ever purchased. Very durable and compatible with all my devices. I will be purchasing only Anker PowerLine+ cables from now on. Don't play yourself with all these wannabes. Stick with Anker!
I bought three and currently have put all three into use. These are replacing some metallic rose gold braided cords I purchased from Amazon. Those didn't last a week. (REALLY!) I've had these now going on 2 weeks now. They are heavy, well made and I foresee them providing months if not a good year of heavy duty use.
Excellent cable, allowing for fast charge of you mobile phone. For instance it charges my phone in an hour. It's also well built with extra resistance thanks to the nylon cover. And if you're in to those things it comes with a small fashionable bag for if. I'd be fine without it, but still, it is a nice touch,

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