AOMAIS Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX6, Wireless Sports Neckband Earphones w/Mic[APTX Stereo Sound] Long Lasting Battery & Fast Charge, Secure Fit Magnetic Headset in Earbuds for Gym Running $23.98

AOMAIS Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof IPX6, Wireless Sports Neckband Earphones w/Mic[APTX Stereo Sound] Long Lasting Battery & Fast Charge, Secure Fit Magnetic Headset in Earbuds for Gym Running  $23.98
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IMMERSIVE SUPER SOUND QUALITY: Impressive APTX Stereo Sound, CVC6.0 Noise Cancelling Technology, 3 Pairs of Different Sizes Ear Buds [Soft Rubber] to Fit Your Ears.; EXCELLENT WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Up to 30ft Bluetooth range in the open space and 10ft in the obstacles space. Can be connected...

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These Bluetooth headphones sound great at a fantastic price. They synced easily, I didn't even have to read the instructions. So if you have synced a Bluetooth device before you will know exactly what to do.I tried them out on several songs starting with Haley Bonar's "Sun Don't Shine". It performed extremely well since it is basically minimalist piano with a soprano voice. Next up was "Battle without Honor or Humanity" by Tomayasu Hotei. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it sounded since it is a fuller sound with plenty of bass notes and a wide range of percussion and brass. I tried a variety of classical music and the sound was excellent. To give these a real test I thought I would listen to "Like a Dog Chasing Cars" by Hans Zimmer (also known as "The Batman Theme"). It has lots of bass and notes in the lower registry. They performed really well–far better than I thought it would with an earbud-type system.In short, this is a really great set of headphones that give a wide tonal range. They are perfect for both music and the spoken word. The only downside was with analog live music recordings that tended to have gaps in the bass range. Digital recordings performed best as you would expect.
I was given a pair of this neckband earphones for evaluation and tested them out with three listening sessions.Given their style (more on that later) they are of good design and construction, although I would have liked it to be more clear which earbud was for which ear. I had to fiddle around a bit to figure out which was left and which was right because they are not labeled and they are canted specifically for each ear.They paired easily with my phone and laptop, and I was given an audio confirmation in English. Adjusting volume was easy with a rocker button on the cord.The earphones do not feature active noise cancellation, but of course feature passive noise cancellation. Given that they are snug-fitting plugs in the ear, they have excellent passive noise cancelling and allow you to focus on your music.The sound quality is very good for wireless/Bluetooth. I watched a movie, listened to a podcast, and listened to some music all to gauge their potential. I thought the sound quality was very good.Overall, these are a good addition to your earphone collection if you are like me and have the following: Corded audiophile over-the-ear headphones / studio monitors, wireless earbuds, and these neckband earbuds. I say this for the following reasons.In my opinion, absolutely nothing beats a set of wired/corded over-the-ear hi-fi headphones. This is because the speaker diaphragms can be large and the noise introduced by even the best Bluetooth is not present. However, for anything outside the studio or home, wireless is preferred.Corded earbuds are now dead. Old tech. No longer needed. Between wireless earbuds and neckband earbuds, there's simply no reason I could think of to stick with the inconvenience of wired earbuds.That being said, if you can use wireless earbuds, why use a neckband set of earbuds? Well, what I found is four reasons: (1) Some of the larger wireless earbuds cause ear fatigue. Because they have all the electronics and batteries inside, they are larger and heavier than wired earplugs, so they put more pressure on the ear canal due to weight. (2) Cost. Wireless earbuds are more expensive than neckband earbuds, and that makes them a better value. (3) Battery life. These neckband earbuds feature a large battery in the neckband so they have a very long battery life. (4) Finally, I actually find that I prefer the volume rocket switch on a small cord by my neck, rather than having to touch the earpod in my ear or adjust the volume on my phone. This is a subtle thing, but I found I really liked it. While there are no wires dangling from my head to say pocket or waist, the short wire dangling around my neck doesn't bother me and-- in fact-- I like it because it's very intuitive to grab it and change the volume.I hope this helps, and please don't forget to listen to your music at reasonable levels, and take breaks. You're going to want a full lifetime of hearing!
Full disclosure, I wear expensive wireless headphones for my work, and I also own a pricey pair I use for the gym, but I wanted a pair that wasn’t quite so expensive to use for yard work, and after looking around, I chose these little plugs.BEST MAGNETS! The first thing I noticed is that product quality was extremely nice — they have STRONG magnets, and compared to my two other pair these have the nicest magnets. In case you’re wondering, the magnets engage when the ear buds are hanging around your neck, they will click together to keep them more secure and manageable while in the stand-by position.LONG WIRE — the wire that hangs is a little longer than I would have preferred, but I’m only 5’6” and I assume wire length preference is subjective. This is one of two things I’d wish was a little different. For me, a shorter wire would be more a little comfortable to wear as it wouldn’t be dangling quite as long n me, getting tangled in my clothes, or when I lean over they hang down kind of low and can get caught up in something.NO CALIBRATION APPLICATION —. These buds have a pretty nice sound, but there’s no sound calibration application like my expensive pair came with, but for the $100 price difference that’s totally understandable. I’d rate the sound quality probably 8 out of 10 even without a way to customize it.CHARGE WITH USB — These charge with a USB plug, much like a cell phone would charge. They ship with the charging cable but not the plug. I just used my cell phones USB plug or one of the other 5 units I have around the house.CHARGE FAST AND LONG, LONG CHARGE —. These shipped already charged, but I did charge them awhile to top off the batteries before I tried them out. I’ve been wearing these awhile daily for the past couple weeks and I STILL have a charge. I’m really impressed by how great the batteries are holding the charge! So far I’ve worn them 8 hours and they’re still going.LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERY COMFORTABLE — these buds are very light and extremely comfortable, even as light and comfortable as my other two pairs. I’m curious to see how they’ll hold up to water like getting caught in the rain, but to be honest judging on the design quality and material I really feel like they’ll fare well in wetter conditions. If/when I’m caught in bad weather I’ll update on this.OVERALL — above average sound, price point is awesome for what you get, lightweight, comfy, super long charge, would have loved a sound calibration app but sounds pretty good without it, and for the $100 savings I can live without it. Also I wish cable was a little shorter but you may prefer a longer cord based on your needs and physical size.Yes, I’d buy them again if I needed another pair. And I would recommend. Overall I’d give them 4.75 stars for the money...

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