Backpacks – Back To School Edition

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Backpacks,backpacks everywhere! What kind of backpack connoisseur are you? Do you like the traditional Jansport college pack? Or are you the Michael Kors designer type? Do you play sports or carry a bunch of techy gear? Maybe you’re the artsy creative one that likes to design, decorate or make your one-of-a kind backpack.

Books,papers, folders, pens & pencils, syllabus…how do you carry it all around campus? And can you find what you’re looking for when you get to class? Classic,traditional backpacks, like Jansport, Champion, and HighSierra are your typical student backpack. These backpacks are usually conservative and reliable. They are built for durability, comfort, and purpose.These backpacks last the test of time.

In today’s world of high-end and designer clothing, some people spare no expense. And backpacks are no exception. Vera Bradley, Michael Kors, Chiara Ferragni, Versace, and French Connection are some to have if you are in the know. Theymay not carry many books  inside, but, tothe fashion first elite,  looking fabulous is the most important!

Don’t forget about the kids or the kids at heart. Backpacks for Gamers and Geeks, Robot Fans, and cartoon fanatics revel in showing their fan love.

Whatever your fancy, you need to get the pack that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Backpack tip:Remember to adjust the straps and to distribute the weight evenly. Load the heaviest items closest to your back. And try not carry around items that you don’t need that day.

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