Be Generous with Gratitude; For it is Contagious

Be Generous with Gratitude; For it is Contagious


Now that we’ve stuffed our bellies and given thanks for what we have, let’s remember that
everyone is not so lucky. There are many others that do not have the luxury of
a delicious hot meal or the comfort of friends and family. Be Generous with
Gratitude, for it is Contagious.

Here are a few ways to pass on Generous Gratitude:

Donate toys to a local children’s charity for their Christmas Parties.

All towns and cities have less fortunate children who may not have the means to get
a visit from Santa this year. Many children’s charities have Christmas Parties
where the kids receive a hot meal, participate in holiday activities, visit and
take pictures with Santa, and get to take home a gift or two. These charities
rely on generous donations to make these parties a fun and joyful experience
for the kids. Donating toys would be a great help – And just imagine the smile
on that little boy or girl’s face when they get to open that gift!

Buy grocery gift cards or go grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor

Some of our elderly neighbors do not have any family close by looking out for them.
Stop by, say hello, or anonymously send them a gift card.

Donate non-perishable items to a local food bank

There are many families that are going through some rough times. Sometimes they do
not know where their next meal is coming from. Food Banks can provide food for
their tables, but not without the generosity of donors. Call your local Food
Bank and find out where you can bring canned goods and other non-perishable items
for these families.

Send care packages to deployed military and veterans

Our military protect our country so we can live with the freedoms we have. Check
with your local chapter of the Military Officers Association of America or the
for additional information.
You can also order free Priority boxes from . Here are a few
suggested care package items:

§       Snacks: Cookies, Protein Bars, Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, Pringles, Trail Mix, gum, mixed
nuts, coffee singles, tea bags

§  Hygiene Items:  Foot power, body wash, hand sanitizer, shampoo, soap, razors, shaving cream, baby
wipes/cleansing wipes, hand and body lotions, lip balm, Chap Stick, Q-Tips for
cleaning ears/weapons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss.  Females need
sanitary supplies, hair conditioner, brushes, combs, and non-fragrant lotions.
Do not send aerosol cans, and do not write “toiletries.”

Other Necessities:  Socks – white tube
socks (white, quarter length with no visible logo’s), sandals, shower shoes,
foam ear plugs, sleeping mask.

Leisure Items: Books, paperbacks, recent
magazines, board games, card games, DVD, AA & AAA batteries.

    Bring a basket of snacks/goodies to your local police or fire department

Our first responders protect and serve us every day. To thank them for their
service, mail or personally deliver a basket/box of snacks or other goodies to
the local station with a note of Merry Christmas and to thank them for what
they do.

Be Generous and make it contagious. It will make your heart smile.


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