Bolva 55BL00H7 55″ 4K Ultra HD 60Hz LED UHDTV w/ 4 HDMI Bolva $329.90

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  • Additional Features: Flat Screen, HDTV Enabled
  • Screen Size: 55"
  • Audio/Video Inputs: Component (YPbPr) RCA, Composite Video RCA, HDMI
  • Display Technology: LED LCD
  • MPN: 55BL00H7
  • Model: 55BL00H7
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • UPC: 859851006040

User reviews

I don't normally write reviews but I took a chance on it since the brand name was foreign to me. This is a great tv for the price. Got it on sale with a coupon for 300. The picture quality is excellent, on par with LG/Samsung panels. The sound definitely is lacking but if you turn the treble and bass up in the settings that helps it sound more full. It doesn't support hdr10 as far as I can tell. It's not labeled on the box at least but it has 4:4:4 chroma support so that was a nice surprise. As far as build quality, I would give it an 8/10. Not perfect but decent for the price. I can't comment on reliability as I haven't had the tv long. 1 WK and it's still working great so far.
This TV has excellent picture quality, many custom setting features and is exceptionally light for its size. You will need at least a 52 in surface to sit it on as the support feet are far to the outer edges. There are no AUDIO OUT ports to connect to a surround sound, but I was able to use the small headphone audio out port with an adapter to cnx to my sterio- now it sounds great. The tv speakers sound a little "tinny". Well worth the price though. XBOX looks fantastic on this set.
Tv picture is excellent and is easy to use the 4 hdmi slots are nice. The only con is the sound is very tinny. Like somebody cranked the mids on a 3 band eq and it got stuck.
we love the TV. It has a nice picture, crystal clear and high definition 4K. The sound is not as good as our other TV's but it is not as bad as some people claim. well, at least with ours it isn't as bad, it's good enough with out the sound bar. But we keep the volume around the 20s-40s when you go higher than 60 the sound does sound muffled a bit. worth every penny though!!!
Seldom do I buy televisions, but I'm use to hanging around the electronic section of various stores and this is picture quality that's way up there. It's not blurry like some, it's not off or inaccurate on the colors, it's spot on. I couldn't praise this TV enough. Being unable to find much on google about this TV, I was a bit skeptical but decided to purchase it due to the massive amount of positive feedback, but still felt a little nervous because everyone's standards are different, but hear me out, this is unreal, I can't believe the price, hell I'd pay $500+ for this TV if it broke down right now just because I know it's perfection. I don't watch TV or movies enough to talk for that, but I'm a heavy PS4 and Xbox One gamer and I took a step up from my previous 32" LG TV which was sitting on 720p and this thing blows it out of the water. Like other reviews I've seen, the audio is a bit iffy, it isn't as good as the LG I had, but it isn't bad bad, I got use to it in less than an hour and like others state, you could get any sound bar medium range and the audio is right where you want it. I wanted a decently priced TV so I purchased this on Black friday for around $320 and since then it's only went up about $80. I'd without hesitation, buy this again if anything were to happen to it. No dead pixels, no distortion, I still can't wrap my head how they managed to cram this level of quality into this price. I'll make a follow up review if anything is to happen to the TV but as of now, feels like the deal of the year buying this. - As for the attached pictures, they were taken with an iPhone 7 plus, but still they don't do it justice, as anyone with an iPhone knows, pictures always look a tad bit like they were painted, I wish I could capture the sheer sharpness of the actual television, It's not moderate because the TV is cheap or anything of the sort, this is high end quality.`

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