briteNway Premium Bird Repellent Fake Flying Hawk Decoy Hanging Lifelike Predator Scarecrow Diverter with Wings for Easier Storage – for Birds, Mice, Squirrels, Rabbits & Other Birds Or Rodents $13.03

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; SCARE AWAY BIRDS & PESTS OF ALL TYPES! Stop worrying about pigeons, woodpeckers, geese, critters, squirrels and the like, using an eco-friendly and wildlife friendly method; our unyielding, intimidating, predator, flying hawk decoy!; LARGE,...

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we purchased two (2) for our backyard and are elated with both the look and the results! ......they both hang, intentionally, tipped a bit to one side, which gives them a more realistic flying posture, and they are continually moving, normally gently and gracefully, with the breeze… as such, they appear very realistic. and, even if there was no job to do, they are a striking landscape piece. 🙂 | specific observations | • they work! as white-tailed hawks are native to our area and, occasionally, in our backyard, we purchased these decoys in the hopes of repelling rats & mice, as well as a couple crack addicted squirrels! ... well, we are not yet certain of rat or mice effectiveness, but we had one red and one black squirrel that had been in the backyard raising havoc every single day for years! ... they had been eating at cushioned outdoor furniture & pillows, eating away at a large beautiful cedar, a nice maple, etc. and incessant, hyperactive misbehavior! ...... well, since we put up these hawks, we have heard them squawking from a distance, but they have not entered our yard for a single moment since! ... it is unbelievable and we are elated! 😃update, 17sep17; over 6 weeks now and, still, nary a hair of any squirrels! • as we had read in the reviews that a number of folks had a problem with paint pealing, we decided to treat ours with a Satin finish Spray Spar Varnish (Urethane) and they look great, without worries of pealing paint... they remain very realistic looking with the very slight satin sheen, which is about the same as the original sheen…Minwax 33255000 Helmsman Spar Urethane Aerosol, 11.5 ounce, Satin • also, we removed the white strings and replaced with very strong, but very thin, black, braided nylon thread, and, as a result, they truly look like they are flying, as you can not discern the thread...we chose this over fishing line, as the thread does not refract light the way fishing line does (out of the water) ...attached below are some pics demonstrating the above weatherproofing and hanging measures... note - there is no photoshoping on the pics; the braided black nylon thread just disappears... and, it is very strong and durable, as we have hung other heavier things outdoors with this thread and they have held for years. • the hawk comes in two pieces and the wing piece easily and very securely snaps into place...... it is a robust plastic molded product and the two (2) eyelets on the back (top) of the hawk, that hold the threads from the center ring, formerly holding the white string, are strong, as they are an embedded part of the mold. • lastly, these are realistic and effective! again, even if they were ineffective in repelling yard pests, they would still be a nice landscape piece and a fine product at that ... but, they are very effective and, with the measures taken above, they look like the real, flying thing!in closing, aside from needing to change out the white string and the weatherproofing to ensure that there is no peeling paint, this would be a 5 star item... still, it is a solid 4 star item and we are very pleased with the end result.very pleased, Thank you.
After over 2 months of DAILY nest removal, which required a ladder every time, this plastic bird has finally solved my problem. I own a small restaurant and a pair of wrens had decided to build a nest directly above my outdoor dining area. I had already installed plastic bird spikes but they did not discourage these birds - they tried to build right on top of the spikes. I could not allow them to nest there because it is a dining area and the bird poop made the area unsanitary. Daily removal did not stop them from trying to build at that spot. I tried filling the area with wadded foil but they pulled it out. I covered the area with wire mesh but they found a tiny hole and kept on building. I reinforced the mesh and they pulled it away. After 58 (yes, FIFTY EIGHT) nest removals I bought this plastic hawk and.....GONE! It’s been over a week and I have t seen them anywhere in the area. Im delighted.
As you can see no intimidation whatsoever. Look closely at the wings of this product and you can see just what the birds think of it.Looks cute in my garden otherwise so I will keep it.
I only gave one star because it came quickly and looked as promised.However!!! This is a total failure. The birds are building their nest ON it!!! Don’t waste your time and money. See the attached picture.
Great stuff: Highly effective. Completely cleared out a barn swallow infestation on my boat dock.Bad stuff: Crappy paint. Immediately chipped and peeled. Cheap string - broke during a storm. Had to use glue to get the wings to stick on the body as opposed to a snap fit.Bottom line: I'm ordering my 2nd one. Will replace the string with higher strength fishing line, and may use a spray varnish to stabilize the paint. Other than poor manufacturing quality, it moves well with a breeze and life like enough to encourage the swallows to move to the neighbor's dock!

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