Buy a Best Buy $150 gift card and Get an addt’l $10 eBay gift card – Emailed $150.00

Buy a Best Buy $150 gift card and Get an addt’l $10 eBay gift card – Emailed  $150.00
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In response to bbylp87: I just received a $700 Best Buy gift card from my work as a Christmas bonus. So I think your mistaken about the cap of $500. Otherwise, my work is running a scam on it's employee's. Kind of doubt that. Beware of High Value Gift Cards Be skeptical of high value gift cards. The highest value on a Best Buy gift card can not exceed $500. Many gift cards at this value have a high possiblility of being connected to a credit card fraud. Especially on gift cards sold that say NO RETURNS. These gifts cards CAN be tracked and if is connected to a fraud, you will most likely be held liable to the crime.
This is an excellent way to recycle unused/unwanted gift cards saving both money and time and resources (gasoline?). I use Best Buy gift cards as a method of saving towards larger purchases; a layaway plan of sorts. My last large purchase of a Playstation 3 was financed primarily from gift cards that I bought a little at a time ($10 or $20 a week) gradually over a few months. Sellers are honest and Ebay has the guarantee, it's a great way to use cards to get what you "really" want, whether you are selling or buying an unused gift card.
I absolutely love shopping with Gift cards! My favorite place to purchase them is on ebay~ Sometimes I actually buy the cards at a cheaper price that it is actually worth! Savings of $5.00 to $10.00 per card really make a difference! I give them as Thank You gifts but I also keep a few for myself. I keep them in a coupon organizer that way they are presorted and ready to redeem anytime I wish! I love taking my nieces shopping and we "pick" which store will be a treat for us that day! The best thing about gift cards~ They can be used online or in store!!
Was able to use the best buy gift card on a past purchase. Served its purpose well no complaints! I believe you can use it online and instore unlike some other gift cards from other stores where the gift card can be instore only or online only, staples comes to mind with this.
Preloaded debit card that allows the cardholder to use it for the purchase of goods or services. Some gift cards can only be used at select retailers, but some can be used anywhere that accepts major credit cards. Some gift cards may also be reloadable, which provides the cardholder with the ability to add funds to the card and continue using it.

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