CamRah iPhone Tripod Flexible Pro Series Bluetooth Shutter Remote Portrait Landscape Mount $13.77

CamRah iPhone Tripod Flexible Pro Series Bluetooth Shutter Remote Portrait Landscape Mount  $13.77
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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY: Our Professional Series Flex Tripod stand features a smartphone mount with griptight technology to hold just about any smartphone. With bluetooth wireless remote makes this ideal for taking the perfect selfies, wide angle...

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Although the legs are bendable, it's not as flexible as I wish it were at the top. Specifically, the tilt down is limited - this was a problem using the tripod on a table top. The only solution was to find something else to attach the tripod onto for a good down shot. We also found it awkward - which I thought was just me until my 17 year old son borrowed it and he had more difficulty arranging the tripod for his livestream event then I did. It's pretty short - again it's ok if you're going to attach it to something else - but difficult for stand alone use. My last "issue" is the fact that you have to remove your phone from it's case (we have Samsung Galaxys both in Otterbox cases). Otterbox cases are not made for "in and out" so if you plan on streaming regularly, the case wears much quicker. Just another 1/2 inch width allowance would be great and the phone could remain in the case. The remote is a nice feature, but I couldn't get it to work for video - that may be just me - not sure. A major plus is that it's really small and light weight. All in all, it's not a bad product and basic set up is fairly self explanatory - but if you need help, there is a Youtube video and a tiny (about 1") illustrated guide comes in the box.
Foam tore in about 3 uses. There is limited tilt when my iPhone6 is installed. The quick release and shutter release button are great. I'm going to return this one and look for an all-rubber with quick release, decent tilt (if that's even possible), and a shutter button (button can be bought separately too).
ORIGINAL POST = 1 STAR: The metal screw holder nested inside the phone holster popped right out when I connected it to the tripod. Kinda makes it useless of you can't mount the phone using the holster to the tripod. I needed it to work so I ended up taping it together. I guess since it broke 3 mins after opening it's just one star from me.WHAT HAPPENED NEXT:I never contacted the seller. But I was surprised and delighted when the seller contacted me. They proactively apologized for the break and reiterated their satisfaction guarantee then informed me how they had already resolved the issue. Frankly, I was surprised that they even read the review. They made it more than right for me with very low effort on my side. Based on this experience I would definitely buy from this seller again (no I wasn't paid or even asked to write this).
I don't usually bother to leave reviews unless I'm UNsatisfied, but I have to say that my CamRah tripod has taken my ability to make great iPhone photos and videos for my brand to the next level. If I had two critiques, it would be that I wish it had magnetic feet as some other tripods do...but those tripods are smaller, shorter, and have less rigid legs than the CamRah does. This baby is so strong that I felt totally comfortable suspending my new iPhone 6 Plus on our semiautomatic silkscreen printer and letting it run back and forth over a pile of oil-based ink. Didn't budge, and the video looks great! Also awesome for taking action shots with the included bluetooth remote, which syncs with no effort and has great range. The second critique is that the tripod head's range of motion doesn't actually allow the phone to point all the way down for direct overhead shots. However, you CAN hang the tripod from something to get the overhead. If CamRah addresses those two things, I'd buy another just to have a second one in the studio. Good product. Thanks, CamRah!
My initial review was 4 stars because I liked it ok enough - but the lack of tilt down was disappointing so I found myself hanging it from the top of my computer screen to get that down angle I was looking for. Just realized I've been using it wrong!!! LOOK AT THE PICTURE! Make sure you change the attachment so your phone naturally sits in a landscape view and then you can bend the legs OVER to get a stable vertical view with a good angle. Problem solved! The legs are nicely padded and bend very well. I get great use out of this product for making videos for my team and while broadcasting on Periscope.

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