CamRah | Rugged Flexible Tripod Kit | Smartphone, Tablet & GoPro Compatible | Bluetooth Remote | Rugged Durable Aluminum | Ball Head | XL Device Mount $14.83

CamRah | Rugged Flexible Tripod Kit | Smartphone, Tablet & GoPro Compatible | Bluetooth Remote | Rugged Durable Aluminum | Ball Head | XL Device Mount  $14.83
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CamRah is back with an even more Rugged Edition tripod kit than our original best seller. Rugged material on each leg keeps your tripod going on all of your journeys. Hold up to 15 lbs on the new and improved adjustable head. We've included some game changing items that will make your photos and...

User reviews

I love the quality of this tripod.I love the easy bendable legs and rubber feel of them.Delivery was fast.Nice packaging ( Wish it came with a nice little bag or case for future travels. )Very nice black color.Holds my iPad snug.Only thing about the phone holder is u can’t hold your phone while it’s in a case , I wish the lips on it were a little longer to hold while in the case. Also as seen in your main pic with the iPad off to the side being held up , when I just tried that it kept wanting to tip over.Over all this tripod is a great deal it feels nice , looks nice, & is a great bang for a buck so to speak. Thanks guys! ( ps they also give a nice little video on how to set things up that’s very easy to understand and very explanatory.)
Gets the job done. My only complaint is that my iPad is a bit heavy for the tripod and it makes it slightly top-heavy. The mechanism that tightens and loosens the position of my camera could be better. However, it is quite versatile and there are multiple ways to stand my iPad on it. Once it’s dialed in it stays in position. And the Bluetooth camera adapter camera is awesome. However if you use the Bluetooth adapter on another app like YouTube it may adjust volume rather than record. Not a dealbreaker for me since I don’t record straight from YouTube. Button those interested in live vlogging, it’s something to consider
Packaged beautifully. Works perfectly. Video directions how to use and set up. I think my iPad is a bit heavy for it and I haven to remove its cover to put it on the tripod but it works for what I need it for.
It's quite portable and sturdy, very flexible. I can position it on my lap, or wrap if steadily and no risk of my iPad falling off from it. But it's heavy for me carry in my handbag. Love it. Thank you.
This is my second CamRah product, I was impressed with the smaller model that I wanted to buy the bigger model to use with my iPad. The quality and the ability to adjust in so many ways are once again impressive. The only problem I have is that I have to remove my iPad case in order for it to work with my iPad on the XL device mount. I would have given it a 5-star rating if they would have made the channels wider to allow for the iPad case.

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