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DJI Mavic Pro DJI $779.99

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  • Type: Ready to Fly Drone
  • Model: DJI Mavic Pro
  • Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording, 2.7K HD Video Recording, 1080p HD Video Recording, 720p HD Video Recording
  • MPN: CP.PT.000500
  • Maximum Flight Time: 27 min
  • Camera Integration: Camera Included
  • Maximum Control Range: 4.3 Miles
  • UPC: 190021279605

User reviews

I like it. First time drone user and the Mavic is full of easy to use advanced features. I was amazed that after setting the return home feature and flying 200 ft high and 1000 ft from my start point I hit the return home button and the drone returned and landed in the same orientation and within 1/2" from the launch point. OK, I'm a nube, but that was amazing to me. Also the videos are excellent and NO shake or wobble - rock steady and smooth. I'm very happy with the Mavic Pro.
As a first time drone buyer it was not easy to setup and the app crashed when I used my Android tablet so I switched to my Samsung S5 Active which doesn't fit in the arms of the controller, seems to be too thick. The instruction booklets couldn't be made any smaller (size of a freaking credit card and their not very clear) Go to youtube to get flying and there is still much to learn before you can enjoy it. However this thing is well built.
Before purchasing, I read many negative comments about purchasing a refurbished drone. However, once I flew my Mavic Pro for the first time, all of my doubts were set aside. I am a phantom 3 4K user that needed to upgrade. This drone ,even referbished, was like going from driving your mom's station wagon to a finely-tuned Supercar. Despite being refurbished, my drone performs above my expectations and I cannot wait to explore its many features and versatile manner further.
The drone itself is fantastic. The DJI App isn’t worth even downloading. Use the Litchi app, much more features and functions, and WAAAAAY more dependable. Tried calling DJI customer support, they said they were having problems with the new iOS and their software app, and recommended I “go get an android device until they could get their software issue fixed.” I was so POd after that statement I almost sent the drone back.
Simply amazing what the mavic pro can do! Folds up to fit in my camera case, & with features I'm still learning 10 days after receiving it like tracking, spot light & camera gimbal settings etc., got a slight learning curve but it's a very stable drone! You're not at all fighting with it to keep it airborne at all and with return to home if signal is lost, gives you some of mind! Durable yes photo shows mavic pro with grass in blades but it still flew!!

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