Dyson AM11 Pure Cool Tower Purifier Fan | White/Silver | Refurbished Dyson $149.99

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  • Location: Living Room
  • MPN: 308247-01
  • Features: Ventilation System
  • Model: Dyson Pure
  • Manufacturer Color: White/Silver
  • Color: White
  • Technology: HEPA
  • UPC: 885609010250

User reviews

Super quiet at setting 5/10. Love the laminar air flow and air purification. Definitely a step up from my old costco fan! The design is great too, though I wish the materials were slightly higher quality. Overall no complaints!
This is not the latest model of the Dyson AM11 product. By simply saying it's "refurbished" what they're leaving out is that this is the older generation model that doesn't have WiFi connectivity, thus making the product you get not that great of a value after all. After I complained to Dyson about it they said "thank you, we'll be sure to make that clear" and that was it.
We own 2 of these Dyson fans. They are greatly designed, & put out a lot of cool air. We enjoy the hepa filter, since we do have five dogs. They are very quiet, even on the top speed, of #10. Dyson products, are a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth it.
First of all, I bought it because of how it looks, and it's just gorgeous to have in a bedroom. Secondly, it is surprisingly quiet at the level 3-5, it gets a bit louder above that but acceptable. You don't really need to turn up to level 7-10 unless you have a big group of people hanging out in your room, when that happens, you can always turn on the A/C. The air purifier function is working just fine, it gets rid of the odors and the bad stuff in the air. I personally felt better when I have it up and running in my room at all time. It is a purchase I don't regret at all. Whenever I see it standing in my room, I'm a happy man.
Does a great job for the space used. Filtration seems to work well. I just received it so I can't comment on filter replacement. It's a little loud, and will interfere with watching TV or what-not when turned up above 7 (out of 10), but this is to be expected from such a small and powerful fan. It puts out a lot of air. I can feel it ~20 ft away.

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