Dyson V6 Absolute HEPA Cordless Vacuum | Red | New Dyson $199.99

Dyson V6 Absolute HEPA Cordless Vacuum | Red | New Dyson $199.99
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  • Filters Other: HEPA
  • Cord Type: Cordless
  • Hygiene Filter: Washable lifetime filters
  • Features: Battery Operated
  • In the Box 1: Mini motorized tool
  • Type: Stick
  • In the Box 2: Combination tool
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
  • In the Box 3: Crevice tool
  • Filters: HEPA
  • In the Box 4: Mini soft dusting brush
  • MPN: 20956001
  • In the Box 5: Direct-drive cleaner head
  • In the Box 6: Rechargeable battery
  • Power: 100AW
  • In the Box 7: Docking station
  • Model: Dyson V6 Absolute
  • In the Box 8: Soft Roller Cleaner Head
  • Cleaner head: Soft roller cleaner head/Direct-drive cleaner head
  • Warranty: 2 Year Dyson Official
  • Color: Red/Nickel/Iron
  • UPC: 885609004792
  • EAN: 0885609004792

User reviews

It is wonderful for wood floors and tile. We recently renovated our house with hardwood floors. I had no idea of how to take care of them without sweeping everyday and crumbs etc getting in the beveled edges. My friend had bought one and loved it. I bought one at a reduced price because the metal tube had a dent in it, which doesn't affect the performance of the machine. I run it every evening before bed. It's amazing how much dirt must have been in our carpets which I usually vacuumed once a week. It works great on steps, so easy and lightweight. Only worry is that I will break the dust cup because it is plastic. I don't allow the kids to use it. They get the dust buster if they need it.
The Dyson handheld V-6 is easy to use. The downside is that the battery lasts for less than 20 minutes. While this is OK if you want to vacuum one room, it won't last long enough to clean the whole house. I prefer the corded style where battery life is not an issue.
We've had our Dyson Absolute for a couple weeks now and really love the convenience of having the ability to clean up the kitchen, laundry and bathroom floors quickly. The softer hardwood floor brush really picks up the smallest of hard sand particles and other larger cereal sized crumbs with no issue. Not sure what some folks have stated on the vacuum not picking up particles in the regular/normal suction mode, but I brought in some salt and sugar particles and sprinkled them in a few areas on our tile as well as smooth wood floors and didn't find a trace of any left on either of the surfaces. I tried the "Max' suction mode and found it works better on the entry areas where you might have some ground in or lodged dirt particles or good on the carpets as well. I also used the Max mode to vacuum out the back of my SUV and ran it over the carpets as well with excellent results...and the beauty of not having to buy filters can't be expressed enough. The Quality, balance and feel of the Dyson in your hands lets you quickly realize you're not holding a cheap knock-off bargain brand cordless cleaner. I used the powered upholstery attachment on our sofa and it did a really good job of picking up the pet hair from our small Yorkie and used the clear wand attachment across our blinds, counters, china hutch, etc. and pulled the dust off without fail. I have a Dyson corded "Animal" Vacuum that I bought several years ago and have been so impressed with it, that I wanted to give the cordless vacuum a try and I'm glad we did. I mounted the Dyson Absolute in our Laundry room near the doorway and close to a power outlet, so it's charged and ready to go whenever needed. I've attached a few pictures of my mounting scheme I thought out a few times before doing the final mounting. The Vacuum bracket is mounted with a couple 3 inch phillips head screws into the wall stud. On the attachments, I used the "Monkey" brand hooks [...] that you can pick up in the local big hardware stores(use the ones rated for 50lbs since they protrude just a little farther out to be able to mount your attachments on). I took a side profile view of one of the hooks so you can see what I'm referring to. I contacted a Dyson Technician and they stated you can leave the unit in the charging mount on your wall indefinitely without worrying about battery decay or overheating, since the battery has a self monitoring feature to only charge when it actually needs it. If I were forced to list some Con's on the unit, the price might be the only thing that comes to mind, but as I've found over the years, if you want something built to last, you must balance cost against the time, technology, design and features of this unit
On hi suction, we could not believe how much more dirt was sucked up even after the use of our existing Vaccum . True that hi suction reduces the vacuuming time, but , what a difference in cleanliness ! Convince and light weight are valued by use. Makes it very portable , use on carpeted steps etc. Is great
I love my new Dyson... it is lightweight, easy to use and easy to empty. I use this for my quick clean ups on my tile floors and carpets. So much nicer than having to drag around my heavy canister... now the floors get cleaned much more often due to this handy tool. We've got it hung right outside of door leading into the garage (we have an outlet there) and so it's easy to get to and hardly takes up any space. Yep, I'd buy it again and am recommending it to my family and friends 😉

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