Elf Cast by Elf Doctor $11.99

Elf Cast by Elf Doctor  $11.99
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Need to take a few days off? Losing your mind trying to think of new places for the elf? Give yours(elf) a "break" and get your elf a cast! With the Elf Cast and included note from Santa, your elf can take off for a night or as many nights as you would like. The online directions at...

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The concept is so cute and fun. The cast looks pretty great once it's on and set. The product dried very quickly. It's a little annoying that directions don't come in the package and you have to go on their site to download a PDF for directions, but it took 2 seconds because we live in a world of smartphones.The only complaint I have is that the green was VERY sticky. It stained my fingers(hopefully it doesn't stain our elves) and left a gross residue that honestly feels like I have super glue stuck to my fingertips. It washed off a little bit, but I think I'm going to have to peel it with tweezers or wait a few days before it sheds on its own. It won't remove! Also, the Green dried out slower than the white.I would buy this again, but i definitely recommend using rubber gloves.
This Elf Cast is very cute and adorable!! We are looking forward to using the Elf Cast on our Elf. We received the item very quickly and the seller has followed up with us a few times by email, unexpectedly, to ensure we not only received the item, but that we were satisfied too...now that's what I call "Great Customer Service." Thanks for carrying items that continue to allow families to enjoy Christmas while making the holiday more fun with their family Elves.
This product leaves a super sticky residue to your fingertips while applying the "cast" to your elf, which I found impossible to completely remove from my fringertips. It felt very similar to dried super glue on my fingers and I am still dealing with it 2 days later. I am afraid to see what it does to the elf once it is removed. The piece of "cast" that is supplied was also not very long for what I wanted to use it for. My son recently broke his femur and I wanted to use it to cast our elf similar to how he was casted and it fell short for what I was looking for. Very disappointing product for the price.
Best elf on a shelf accessory - EVER. 20 Days into moving the elf around and momma needs a break! (pun intended 😂)This is great - my girls haven’t stopped taking about it!
Good way to take a break from hiding for a few days.

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