FiveJoy Portable Trench Shovel for Gardening, Camping, Metal Detect, Off-Road, Emergency (J2) – Hard Wood Handle, High Carbon Steel Blade – Excel in Digging, Chopping, Prying – Great to Keep in Trunk $30.00

FiveJoy Portable Trench Shovel for Gardening, Camping, Metal Detect, Off-Road, Emergency (J2) – Hard Wood Handle, High Carbon Steel Blade – Excel in Digging, Chopping, Prying – Great to Keep in Trunk  $30.00
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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 💪 A REAL WORK HORSE: Made of high carbon steel, the shovel head is strengthened and hardened by heating and quenching several times for high strength and high elasticity - it can withstand being run over by a test trolley weighing 2...

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Solid, tough shovel. This is a sturdy, heavy duty tool with some multifunctional additions like:Two sided blades: the carbon steel on one side of the shovel edge is thinner and can be used to chop or peel vegetables and such. It doesn't come that sharp so probably can try sharpening it against a rock. The other side is thicker and can chop through larger objects like bricks or tree trunks. This side can definitely do some heavy damage.Measurement: Not really sure how often one needs to measure something in the outdoors, but I guess it's an easy thing to add and may come in handy.Concave shovel head: okay, this is the main attraction to me. I haven't seen this kind of design before and I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work compared to normal shaped spades but... :drumroll: digging a hole has never been more advanced! It takes less effort and strain to dig especially combined with the folded grooves on the shovel that you can step down and push against.My pops, who usually shakes his head and laughs at me when I pull out my fancy little folding shovel, but when I pulled this shovel out on weekend outdoor trips, he asked to try it out. Now I know what I'll be getting him for Father's Day. LOL!Love this really well made shovel with reasonable price, must have to leave it in car for lots of outdoor scenarios, or stay in backyard for different weekend homework.
Good shovel but do not try to compare this with the cold steel special forces shovel. I decided to test both against eachother and they can not compare. Some simple cutting test made short work of the fivejoy. The picture says it all. Lasted me about 30 seconds when my cold steel has lasted me over 5 years with the same handle.
This shovel is a BEAST! You never know what can happen, so be fully prepared with this heavy duty etool! Here are my takeaways:Tactical Materials- The shovel head is made of strong high carbon steel that won’t bend or break even if you run over it with a truck. I’ve used it to crack ice that formed around my car tires and dig my car out of the snow. The shovel head is tightly secured by rivets that adds to its ability to withstand extreme force and prying.Unique Design - The spade on this shovel has two points of contact to the ground instead of one, which evenly distributes the impact and makes it much easier to dig. The surface area of the shovel head is pretty large (bigger than a folding shovel) and can pick up a good amount of dirt. The whole shovel is compact enough to take around and leave in your trunk, but big enough to do some hefty work.Step Shoulders- I was impressed to see step shoulders on this shovel as most smaller shovels don’t include them. They make a big difference when applying pressure to dig out tough roots. I can now retire my other shovels, and use this to do everything from gardening to digging in the woods!Double Edge Blades- The edge with the measurement is thicker than the edge without the measurement. I’ve tested chopping bricks with the thicker edge and it gives a solid, clean cut without much exertion. The thinner side is better for slicing, or chopping smaller branches, and both edges are sharp (but not sharp enough to cut your hand). I image you would be able to sharpen it to your preference.Included Sheath- You can tell by the tough quality of the sheath that this entire product was carefully made. There’s a velcro strap on the included sheath so you can attach it to your belt or molle pack.Overall,I'm super satisfied with this multifunctional shovel. It fullfills all the functions I need from a shovel and goes beyond my expectations. It is a home essential item as well as on the go tool for camping or any emergency situations and the size fits perfectly in the car trunk.
No need to look at other shovels, the BEST is right here!Super impressed by this shovel! At about 2 lbs, this shovel is relatively light and small in size, but packs a powerful punch. Throw it like a hatchet and watch it sink satisfyingly into wood with little effort, or use it for quickly digging/ filling medium size holes. I'd definitely keep one of these bad boys handy for your emergency car kit or for developing campsites.The carbon steel shovel head is rust proof and incredibly solid - you can use it to break a car window or pry something open. The shovel head is fastened with bolts that secure the structure so you can really put your weight into it without fear of the metal bending. There are also two blades on either side of the shovel head that can be used to cut wire, peel vegetables, and hack bushes out of the way. This is a great added function that my other entrenching tool is missing.The shovel handle is made of beech wood that is polished, light and resistant to rot. If you find your grip slipping without gloves on, try stripping the lacquer to keep the wood look, and dampen it when using, for a stronger hold. You can also do what I did- wrap some athletic tape around the middle section of the handle for some traction. Personally, I love the look of this wood handle over other metal ones. The combination of wood and steel is really sleek.The front of the shovel is also different. Unlike other shovels, this has a concave design. After comparing digging times with another regular shaped spade, I can confirm this design is more efficient for entrenching. The concave design makes it much easier to loosen soil.All I can say is - this is a SERIOUS piece of equipment. It’s powerful, and extremely durable. At this price it’s a no-brainer. Get it, you won’t regret it.

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