Forge TSA travel luggage Locks 4 Pack Open Alert Indicator,Zinc Alloy Body, Easy Read Dials, black, blue,green,silver $13.55

Forge TSA travel luggage Locks 4 Pack Open Alert Indicator,Zinc Alloy Body, Easy Read Dials, black, blue,green,silver  $13.55
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  • Part Number: 6359636939234
  • Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Size: One_Size
  • Color: 4 Pack
  • Special Features: TSA Approved
  • Batteries Included?: No
  • Batteries Required?: No


✈ Theft is a common occurrence in most airports. According to a recent CNN study, 25% of these thefts happen in the baggage handling and storage areas. Protect your valuables by using TSA accepted luggage locks. ✈ This TSA padlock is the best in quality on the market with a lifetime...

User reviews

I spent $30 for a 4-pack of this lock. So it's not cheap. On my last trip, I discovered two of the locks were opened by TSA (red pin popped up) and the locks would not close back. I tried both the combination I set and the original factory set 000. Neither worked. I have the same code for all 4 locks, and have used it for a couple of times, so there is no way I forgot them. Since the locks have a lifetime warranty, I tried to go on FORGE website to learn how I can request warranty. Their website has NOTHING! no phone number, no instructions on how to claim warranty. It just has an email window where you can send them an email with your name and your case. I sent them an email and still wait for their response.Bottomline: product fails 50% of the time (my case), minus two stars. Warranty: no way to claim warranty: no phone number, no instruction, you drop your message in a bottle and hope, minus two more stars.
Bought a 4 pack of locks. First impression was that the locks are more ruggedly constructed than most luggage locks I've had. Setting the combo wasn't difficult. Two I was able to easily set the combination. Two locks not able to set a combination. Both seemed to be defective. Wrote to vendor. Received an immediate response from vendor to replace the defective locks.
UPDATE: 1/27/17 - I ordered a second (additional) lock, and it is even better than the first! The first lock has silver-tone dial, and with any light at all, there can be a glare making it difficult to read. The new one has black dials with white numbers - super easy to read!(I actually paid for this... how do all these people get items for free or discount?)Anyway... it works. The combination is easy to set and easy to dial open. The shank is big enough to easily handle the zipper pulls on the suitcase without strain. I've used it on carry-on and gate-check so I can't comment on the TSA alert, but an added benefit for me was... the blue lock made it so much easier to know the plain black (last minute borrowed) carry-on was mine! Time will tell if it is as sturdy as it seems, it is many steps up from the locks I used to use.
I received my TSA locks and I absolutely love it. My first thought was the colors in the variety pack are pretty awesome. The blue/purple and the green is a nice change of pace from the usual black and silver. When I opened the packaging and felt the locks they felt sturdy and very well put together. It was quite heavy for a small lock, which is not a bad thing. I am going to use these a lot because I travel a lot for work and when I stay at hotels and I do not have access to a safe I can at least lock it up in my bag with this lock. It may not be the safest tool but it puts at least one obstacle in front of a possible thief. Thank you Forge for such a great product. The only knock I have against this product is the price. It is kind of pricey because you can get decent locks for about $7 a piece but you are paying for a pretty quality item.One more thing, I don't know about other people who but this product you get a personalized thank you card from Forge. It is kind of nice to see a company that cares.
Used this lock once. It lasted through the first leg of the trip. The TSA opened the lock on the second leg as alerted by the red button and the note they left, but closed the shackle down outside of the body. They (and I) were unable to reopen the shackle so they just threw it in the bag, leaving the zippers unlocked. I have been unable to reopen it as well, even attempting to do a combination reset on it. So, it looks like if the shackle goes down outside of the body while the TSA has it open, the lock is rendered totally useless. Two stars since the other lock appears to work, but this seems like the kind of issue that should have been caught in the design phase.

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