GameSir GK100 One-handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, LED Backlit USB Wire Game Keypad Mini 34 Programmable Keys for PUBG FORTNITE $31.99

GameSir GK100 One-handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, LED Backlit USB Wire Game Keypad Mini 34 Programmable Keys for PUBG FORTNITE  $31.99
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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Easy to Use, Plug and Play: Wired connection and no drivers needed. Simply plug it to the PC or GameSir X1, it will be automiactically recognized and ready to use.; Mechanical Blue Switches: 34 keys professional mechanical blue switches, No...

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I tried this one-handed keyboard with a few games I usually play, including Fortnite, Overwatch, and Dota 2.PRO:-The quality of the keyboard is on par with the current top keyboards in the industry-It fits my hand perfectly. I can reach all the keys on the keyboard comfortably (except the number macro on the left)-The color scheme is pretty cool, and you can dim it down or turn it off if you don't like it.-It's very steady even that it's very lightweightedCON:-It can be too loud for people who doesn't like loud keyboard-It doesn't have a a (6) key even though it is Specifically for Fortnite. I had to rebinded my sixth number slot to something else or I scroll it. Similar thing happen when I play Overwatch that I had to rebinded to my H (hero select) to something else. So watch out that it has all the keys you want before buying it.This is my first time using a one-handed keyboard, and I must say, it was hard to get used to at first. However, once I get used to it, it start becoming more and more comfortable to me. And now I start to use it instead my other gaming keyboard.I recommend using it with a laptop. I usually bring it outside with my laptop if I am going my friend's house to play games together. It's very light so it's easy to carry it around with my laptop. It's perfect to substitute the laptop keyboard with this one-handed keyboard when you are gaming since the keyboard doesn't take much space and it is a gaming keyboard in the end so it's probably better than your laptop keyboard.
I was really excited to try a one-handed keyboard, and for the most part, I still really like the idea. On the other hand, this keyboard really fell short of expectations.1) The palm rest is a solid piece of plastic that loosely moves from side to side. Not only does it lack any cushion to bring you wrist comfort during prolonged gaming periods, but it easily falls out if you grab the keyboard wrong while putting it away.2) There is no switch option besides annoying clicky blue. I am at the computer almost all day for work and gaming, so I've learned to enjoy silent linear switches more than clicky tactile ones. That said, I wish there was a linear option so I didn't have to listen to such an ear-jarring sound every time I tapped space to jump or used WSAD to move around.If these two issues were fixed, I would easily rate this as a 5-star keyboard. However in its current state, I find it obnoxiously loud and annoyingly uncomfortable without proper padding. Please GameSir, fix this.
This is something I was really looking for. The switches feel nice, it performed as expected. I tried the software out for macros and I had a blast. I set it up to ping my friend 50 times in Discord. (Execute order 66). Aside from that, I can now move my larger keypad out of the way so I can more my mouse around more since I don't have a lot of room on my desk when I'm playing games. I'm going to use this for now one when I play Battlefield or Pubg.
Quality for the price seems fair. The key layout is just like a full keyboard which is nice. The sliding palm rest is a nice touch, although I wish it had a way of locking it on. Once on a tabletop/surface, it cannot move easily, so that is good. Haven't tried the software, but I have no need for that. Worked just fine out of the box.
My 7 year old can't use wasd and reach the mouse very well. We needed one of these for him. I looked and there are several variants out there but most modify the layout of the keys or include weird space bar replacements. I want him to learn muscle memory for a normal keyboard layout.The keys feel nice. I'm not a mechanical keyboard guy but the videos I watched on the subject put this as a good copy of "blue" keys.The only cons are the lights are rainbow and you can't select a solid color like I was hoping.The other odd thing is this has a mode where the caps lock key is functional and another where it's not. I suppose the choice is good but it's not like you'll be typing with this.

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