HaloCam C1 Plus Car Dash Cam FHD 1080P Car Cam WiFi Dashboard Camera with 170 Degree Wide Angle Sony Lens Super Night Vision G-Sensor Loop Recording $109.99

HaloCam C1 Plus Car Dash Cam FHD 1080P Car Cam WiFi Dashboard Camera with 170 Degree Wide Angle Sony Lens Super Night Vision G-Sensor Loop Recording  $109.99
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【FHD 1080P & 170° Wide Angle Lens】Sony IMX291 star light Sensor captures everything in sharp full 1080p resolution with an expanded 170° field of view.; 【Built-in Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam】 Use remote controller to take pictures or make videos and share it instantly on facebook/twitter/youtube etc from...

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Excellent product. Good built quality and a very wide recording angle. All features have been functioning perfectly. Lane departure and front collision warning function ok, not too accurate but accurate enough to avoid an accident. OBD diagnostics i thought were kind of pointless for a dash camera, however i have used it a few times and its pretty convenient. The wifi range is short, you need to be within 10 feet from the camera but thats actually a plus since people further away wont be able to tell that a $120 Halocam is currently in a near-by vehicle. The video is very good quality both day and night. Will update in a few monthsPros: - Quality of video, day and night time- OBDII diagnostics- Lane departure warning- Following too close warning- Records if it feels a vibration- WiFi video transfer to phone- Small sizeCons:- 1-minute long video files- Cant change the wifi name
This device is definitely a budget buy. Before I get too far into my story, here are the pros and cons:Pros- Small and Modular- Manual Trigger Button is a great feature- ODM Power is the way to goCons- Cell phone App (#1 reason for return)- Does not work as Parking Protection- Driver Assist is worthlessMy reason for returning this device is centered on the fact that the cell phone app to access the device (remember no screen) is so hard are use that it's not worth working with the device. Even the menus have misspellings such as 'midium' instead of 'medium'. All of the ideas behind this dash cam are golden, but the implementation falls short. The advertised parking mode works.... if your car is hit by another car at 60 miles an hour. Very sharp and severe vibrations of the car or of the camera itself would not trigger the camera. Only in extreme, shake the s**t out of it, cases would it trigger. I had it set in the menus on "Extremely Sensitive" and this was the result.However, this is the only cam I've seen with ODM support. It is so nice that this device can power of the ODM (that automatically pulls power when the car is turned off). Best feature of this device aside from the size of the camera itself. Quality was as expected. No 4k UHD but it was sufficient for what I expected.Given some time and development, this device is one to watch. Until then, keep it out of your car.
 The Halo C1 Plus Dashcam does a great job of recording 1080p video without issues. I have not encountered any problems yet, even with it being exposed to ridiculous amounts of heat daily. I’ve had the device for more than 2 months and I love the fact that this dashcam can connect to my OBD and track my location with a GPS. It comes with so many useful features and accessories. I plan on buying a rear dashcam and connecting it with this, so I can get complete coverage. I hope it lasts a long time, I’ll update my review every 4 months.
I have the C1 Plus for awhile now and it seems like it is still recording, but the WiFi is not working any longer. The SSID is not visible anymore.
very good, only problem with the signal, is constantly lost signal with the phone

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