HIFI WALKER A2 High Resolution in-Ear Headphones Earphones Earbuds Noise Attenuation Headset (No Microphone and Remote Control) – 1 Year Replacement Warranty $18.31

HIFI WALKER A2 High Resolution in-Ear Headphones Earphones Earbuds Noise Attenuation Headset (No Microphone and Remote Control) – 1 Year Replacement Warranty  $18.31
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The 0.36 inches (9.2mm) dynamic driver unit ensures a uncompressed listening experience. It offers deep rich bass, balanced mid to clear and crisp treble.; Aviation grade aluminum-alloy housing design optimizes the environment for signal transmission , also creates a higher level of premium...

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To start with, I never considered myself an audiophile. In my youth I was content with the old gummy earbuds. The Apple earbuds that came with the iPod were a cut above most I had encountered at the time. Being a musician, I became obsessed with sound quality (kbps) and earbuds that were capable of accurately reproducing lossless sound. I’ve owned many high end earbuds and in ear monitors alike. All in range from $99 to $899. These earbuds although you do get what you pay for, have exceptional quality. Without getting into depth, I will say that most people do not know what separates average quality from high quality. But trust a musician to know that these, for the price are impressive and worth the price tag. If anyone would like details as to what I think about the sound. Reply to this comment and I will happily tell you my unbiased opinion.
These earbuds have a great sound, but the cord is is stiff and easily catches on things as I move around. When it's time to put them away because the cord is rather stiff it doesn't roll up nicely like regular earbuds do. However, the sound is really good and they are one of my two favorite earbuds. I wish they had come with a small pouch for storing like my other favorite pair of earbuds did.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B7D7W5W/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
After using these for a month, I’ve been pretty satisfied in terms of the quality of sound and noise cancellation. Definitely a little weak with low frequencies, at least at first, but after minor EQing and/or breaking the earbuds in, they seem to handle low frequencies a little better. Mic functionality works great, and so do the pause and volume buttons. No complaints really in those departments.My biggest complaint with these, at least for the pair I received, is that I can actually hear any contact to static (usually when my jacket rubs on my clothes near the earbud wire) as if it’s being picked up by the earbuds. Not only that, but it usually also raises the volume of whatever’s playing, as if the static is triggering the volume control somehow. Not cool, I’ve had to rip my earbuds out at some points because it gets painfully loud all of the sudden. It’s not from accidentally pressing volume controls on my phone or on the buttons on the wire, I made sure. I’ve tested this with and without clothes materials that would produce static through friction, and can say that it’s definitely static that does that, so beware. I never saw anyone complain about this in the reviews when I purchased these, so it may just have been an unlucky buy for me. I would definitely switch for different earbuds but I’m a broke college student so.Had the static thing not been a problem, I’d give this product a 5 for it’s affordability and quality.
I bought these because they were marketed as durable, and I only ever used these things when I was running. Never pulled on them, dropped them or put them through anything particularly strenuous, and yet, they didn't even last two months. Avoid this POS and save your money. Not even worth a few bucks, much less the $38 or whatever I paid for them.
Great buy for the buck, love the cord as it is hard to tangle.Would recommend and I would buy again.

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