iFox Creations IFD8 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Stereo Sound-Wireless, SD Card, AUX, FM Radio + Speakerphone – Compatible with All Bluetooth Devices – Link Multiple Units – 8 Hour Battery Life $17.00

iFox Creations IFD8 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Stereo Sound-Wireless, SD Card, AUX, FM Radio + Speakerphone – Compatible with All Bluetooth Devices – Link Multiple Units – 8 Hour Battery Life  $17.00
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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ��GIVE A TRULY UNIQUE GIFT- The iFD8 is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to enjoy their music anytime, anywhere! Your speaker connects effortlessly and is so versatile- it’s perfect for music, podcasts, audiobooks and even as a speakerphone!;...

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It works and I like it, but there are a couple of things that could use improvement. (I'm talking just about the radio feature here. Syncing to my phone was easy and having volume control on my phone eliminates these problems. If you are looking for something to listen to the radio on, however, this review is for you.) Each time you turn the speaker on the volume is set to loud. This is a problem for me, since I like to put it on in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping. Turning the volume down isn't exactly a quick job either. You have to hold the button down and let it scroll through the volume levels. Speaking of volume levels; I would like one or two more options in between the lowest volume and none at all. I have to set it to the lowest and place it in another room. (The plus side is that it has good volume if you're looking for something on the louder end.) Also, I'm not quite sure how to reset the radio stations when I bring the speaker to a new location. I've managed it several times, but usually by getting frustrated and aggressively tapping the three button choices available. It has pulled in a good number of stations though, and the battery life is good.
It's a mixed bag. On one hand, it has decent sound, and is ridiculously easy to pair with a device, and looks cool. It also doesn't roll onto the floor if you knock it over like most speakers. And it not only has an FM radio, it has a headphone jack if you want to just use it as a radio without disturbing others.But the lack of any display means that it's hard to use it as a radio, because you can't easily find the station. Worse, it has no memory for what station you were on last time, and just tunes to one at random. And with all functions, it doesn't recall your preferred volume level, so every time it blasts and I have to turn it down. It only has a few controls that do different functions depending on how you push them, so it's aggravating when you're trying to, say, adjust the volume, and it starts skipping tracks instead, because you didn't hold the button for long enough, but not too long. It seems to be stereo, and has speaker grills on two of its sides, but there's not much separation. So while it meets and exceeds some of my needs to the point that I'll put up with its annoyances, I probably would buy something else if I had to do it again, and I just ordered a separate device to use as a radio, because that function is a total fail on this.
Updating review by one star. The customer service is great. I appreciate their follow up and follow through. I stand by the original review the speaker is good sound quality out suggest for listening music but not for calls. The other person can’t her you well.Sound quality out is pretty good for the price. I bought this for conference calls with a group. We could clearly hear those on the phone. Con: the folks on the other end had a really hard time hearing us in the room. If you only want to to use it for sound out it is a good buy do not buy if need it for others to hear you.
Bought these to use with an Echo Dot. I thought they worked very well. Volume was much more than I needed, So I was really happy with them. They sounded great. Then I received an Echo. Had to return these, because they were no longer needed. Never got to try radio function. I would have definitely kept these, and been very happy with them.
As the headline says, I had minor issues with this speaker. The hole in the shell/casing didn't not line up with the charging port, I was unable to charge it. After a couple emails with ifox, they sent me a new one. This one is able to get charged. That said this is a great speaker so far. I really like it.I would recommend it. If you have issues the staff at ifox seems to care and try to fix all issues.

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