iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot – Brand NEW! iRobot $179.99

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  • Cord Type: Cordless
  • Features: Battery Operated, Edge Cleaning, Dirt Sensor, Self Propelled, Rotating Brushes, Height Adjustment, Head Light, Bag Change Indicator, Silent
  • Filters: HEPA
  • Type: Robotic
  • MPN: R620020
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
  • UPC: 885155003775
  • EAN: 0797706871989

User reviews

It is not easy when you live alone and travel a lot! When I get back home it is great to see that I do have one less thing to do that used to take quite some time. Now getting home and seeing the floors clean makes me smile. 🙂 It is a great product, easy to use and gets the job done! Maintenance is a breeze.
We set it to clean when we leave the house for work. We come home to a clean house and it is setting and recharged for the next day. I can't believe how much it picks up. We have a small dog. We ran it a couple times before so we would know what it might get hung up on. It did get hung up on a electrical cord once. It shuts down when it gets stuck for safety. It hasn't had a problem since. Im thinking of getting one for upstairs.
I purchased this for my wife to make life a little easier. She loves it. Only drawback which is easily fixed is electrical cords on the floor will cause it to hang up. Cleans under the bed (she loves that) and just does its thing. When the battery gets low it goes back to its home station and plugs itself in. The main thing is that it does a great job of vacuuming.
My Roomba and I were fast friends as this thing does everything I was fearing it wouldn't. Its deep cleaning, fast, goes forever on a charge and makes the room like its had a maid in it. I let it go and it does what its supposed to do. I read the reviews and chose this one because it wasn't too expensive and for my first time wanted to try it out before spending over 500. LOVE this thing!!!!!!!
We're new to using our Roomba 620, and have been using it daily for the past 3 weeks or so. We bought it from the USA, but live in the Philippines, and had to get a power voltage transformer to use the Roomba here, but are enjoying the much cleaner floors we're able to achieve regularly now (we have tile floors). We appreciate the fact that we can turn on the Roomba when we leave daily for appointments, in the knowledge that we can return to fairly spotless floors, and an automatically stowed-away vacuum cleaner; the regular cleaning of the dust bin and brushes is also fairly quick and straightforward, which is important to us. It was pricey to buy for our lifestyle, but has proven a real help so far in making life easier, and saving us annoying daily multiple sweeping rounds in this hot & dusty environment. It even cleans under our sofa and bookcases/TV unit, which is not possible for us even with our broom; bonus.

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