iRobot Roomba 960 App-Controlled Self-Charging Robot Vacuum – Gray iRobot $439.99

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  • MPN: R960020
  • Features: Edge Cleaning, Rotating Brushes, Silent
  • Type: Robotic
  • Manufacturer: iRobot
  • Filters: 3 Stage
  • UPC: 783629340398

User reviews

I named her Turtle. She gets stuck once In a while because she’s looking for dirt and dust. But when you eliminate the obstacles she does great. Very methodical - even though it means she will come back to each room to finish the job. Cleaning out the bin is the thing that you do each day - I take a slim paint brush and I easily clean out the bin and filter. The time for each day is easy to set or change. If I’m going out I usually set her for fifteen minutes after I leave - just so it gets done before I’m back. Otherwise it’s set for 1pm each day. No need to have her running around while I’m on the phone or watching tv.
We've had a Neato for over 6 years. It got stuck often, and began developing new/different errors, such as "I can't see!". I read that this kind of deterioration is common for Neatos so I switched to a Roomba. I wish I could say that 6 years of technology advancements and competition resulted in a better machine, but I find this Roomba even more disappointing than the Neato. It has gotten stuck and failed its run more than 2/3 of the time, and the camera/mapping tool is quite lacking (often identifying "portals" through walls into other rooms", and usually opting to ignore 50% or more of our floorspace.) Yesterday, it failed on a low-battery status and did not return to its base -- 6 feet away. It complains of a full dustbin before the halfway point of every run, even though we run it daily and do not have any pets. It takes over 4 hours to cover 400 square feet - kitchen, bath, living room, dining room, office. It does not create those nice straight "vacuum lines" like our Neato did, but it does deposit clumps of "dustbin schmoo" on our bathroom rug. It's much quieter than the Neato, except when it's loudly bonking into our furniture. I would like the app/cloud interface if it had any useful application: since the machine complains of a full dustbin before completing one run, it's useless to schedule more than one run from afar. Mostly, having an app means receiving push notifications throughout the night so that you can start the day with reminders of how helpless and needy your vacuum cleaner is. In all, I'm disappointed that it does not perform any better than our 6-year-old Neato, which cost 1/2 as much new. It still does its job, mostly, but I feel mislead by positive reviews.
Does a great job with pet hair! Haven't seen any drifts floating around since I set it up. Manages to climb a fairly large gradient between my kitchen and living room too. Brushes sometimes get tangled with my girlfriend's really long hair, but it's easy to cut or pull from the spinning brush.
This is a great product. It does an excellent job of cleaning. I have a dog and a cat and am a very tidy person and I cannot believe the dust and debris this machine finds. The only negative I have is that it can get stuck on and confused by the edges of the area carpets. It manages to unstick itself but it may have left the edge of the carpet lipped over with will confuse it the next time it makes a pass. I haven’t used the smart phone feature.
Our single story home is a little over 2500 square feet and the Roomba 960 keeps them clean! We have two dogs (our pitbull is somewhat terrified of it) that like to tear the stuffing out of their toys which fills up the Roomba's small catch basin but it is easy to empty. It took about to cleaning cycles for it to learn our house. Now, when we login to the app, we can see our home's floor plan via the Roomba's cleaning pattern!!! The biggest plus is that you can start the cleaning process while sitting at your job and your floors are clean when you get home!

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