JEGS Performance Products 84200 Nut, Bolt, Washer & Screw Assortment JEGS $17.99

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  • Warranty: Yes
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 84200
  • UPC: 889944090908

User reviews

You can't complain when your only spending $20.00. If your job is building stuff that requires using these types of nuts and bolts then this is not for you. This is good to keep In the garage or van and it'll save you from having to take a trip to Home Depot or wherever. As for the boxes... do they really need to be organized? I dumped them all into a coffee can. I can dig out what I need when I need it.
Chock full of very small fasteners. Like in other reviews, the dividers came up and all the fasteners were mixed up. Schedule about two hours to sort through them all, and secure the dividers down (epoxy, super glue, etc.). The quality of the fasteners is good, but the quality of the boxes themselves is not. The flex way too much in my opinion and the locks are flimsy at best. All in all, it is an OK set, and with some work and time, it will be usable.
You get what you pay for. The nuts, bolts and screws are perfectly good. The washers are a little thin but OK. Two of the four plastic boxes will not latch on one side but do latch on the other. As a result some items were found in the wrong section but everything was present. The labels in the lids list the quantity of items in each section. In a few cases there was one or two more or one or two less than listed. No big deal in my opinion. Overall worth the price. The top (empty) box is the nicest of the bunch.
The other reviews that mention spillage and quality are correct. The containers are made with removable dividers so when the unit arrives, many of the contents are mixed up beyond imagination. Now I have a "soup" of nuts, bolts and washers. Suggestion, poly bag each set of products to avoid this. Bluntly, this was a mistake to buy. Not sure if the actual quality of the pieces but my expectations are pretty low. Fast shipping and a great idea overall.
i purchased this product thinking that there would be quality screws, nuts and bolts. When i received the product in the mail and opened it, everything was all over the place in different bins and in the packaging. it took me about 2 hours to sort out everything. when i was sorting them i noticed that some of the screws, nuts and bolts are not even usable as the heads of them were not cut for a screw driver or that they were partially cut. about 6 of the nuts had no threads in them. i can guarantee as well that the quantity is not correct as it is listed.

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