Jooki – Screen-Free Music & Stories with ToyTouch Technology $199.99

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Music or stories begin when a character is placed on Jooki. Toy Touch technology makes it easy for kids 3+ and great for grandparents too!; Unlimited streaming with Spotify Premium or upload your own Audio Files for offline experience; Peace of mind: parents control content, and volume; Endless...

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This is such a fun little device! Our 5 year old daughter got hers yesterday and she has been using this little guy all day long! She loves changing out the figures to listen to different music that i put on there. We got an SD card today to store more music on each figure! It’s light, fun colors and easy to use for the little ones! And it was very simple for me to set up! (And im really not a tech person...even my husband was surprised that i had it all figured out myself 😜) the explanations and tutorials online are super easy to understand and the instructions easy to follow! You can use headphones too! I think this is a must have for kids! I can’t wait to explore more and see what else we can do with it! Trying to figure out how to put a audio-story book on there next!
I was looking for a friendly and Spotify compatible music player for my children to bring on vacation and after some research and recommendations I settled on the Jooki. It was an instant hit! It arrived a day early which is great because we had a play date at home and all the kids jumped on it. Each child “called” their characters and downloaded their playlists. It’s a pretty easy set up. Kids sang, danced and played all afternoon. Can’t wait to bring it on the trip! You can feel the high quality of the product. It’s worth every penny. I’m very happy to see my kids enjoy the music without having to use the phone. Best gift ever!
My wife and I got our little girl a Jooki for Christmas last year through the Kickstarter campaign. She has loved it so much, as she is a music lover like her parents she loves being able to play her own playlist. Off and on again her little brother has gotten his hands on HER Jooki, which she doesn't like, he loves that it is tech that he's not told no by my wife and I when he goes after it. So, we bought another one to have in reserve for when he is old enough to use actually use it. We love that we can limit the max volume of the Jooki so that the little girl can't blast us out of the room with the e music. Also in the parental controls you can remotely shut off the jooki. The only things to know in advance is that you will NEED a micro-sd car, up to 32GB is support at the moment, and due to the placement of the mirco usb port it can be awkward to get it plugged in, especially if you are in a hurry. This is a great gift for any music loving child.

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