KORIN FlexPack Pro Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-Theft Backpack 15.6 inch Laptop Bag with 2.0 USB Charging Port Large Capacity Waterproof TSA Travel Friendly Easy Convenient Secure $132.79

KORIN FlexPack Pro Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-Theft Backpack 15.6 inch Laptop Bag with 2.0 USB Charging Port Large Capacity Waterproof TSA Travel Friendly Easy Convenient Secure  $132.79
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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; FlexPack Pro:The Best Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-theft Laptop BackPack,We created the FlexPack Go and FlexPack Pro as a result to combine security, storage, convenience, comfort, and beauty.; The Best Seller in Kickstarter :reddot award...

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 There is so much to say about this backpack!Overall the quality is so good, the material feels of good quality, it is water resistant (I've already walked under the rain with it and nothing went through and it dried easily). It feels VERY comfortable even when at full capacity.Now about the capacity, it is more spacious than I originally thought, especially when the water compartment is closed.- It has a laptop compartment, I can fit my 13" retina MacBook Pro with or without its sleeve easily and still has some space for papers in the same compartment.- It has a tablet compartment that says will fit 10" tablets, I can fit my 9.7" iPad but if I add the apple smart keyboard, it still fits but VERY tight, Not sure a bigger tablet would fit with a case. Below this is another open pocket that could fit your laptop charger or anything else you want.- It has two side pockets with zippers and smaller pockets inside to carry anything you want and one of them is made to attach an external battery (preferably one that doesn't need to be turned on every time e.g I have a RAVpower 22.000mAh but I need to open the bag and turn it on first to be able to use the external outlet so KEEP THIS IN MIND before purchasing an external battery to use it here).- In the outside, it has two side pockets with reversible zippers (or opposite zippers) so you can open the pockets in two different directions. one of them is to access the extra collapsible compartment. That is also very spacious I can fit two water bottles easily.- Of course the lock, that works like a charm and gives you that sense of security with the retractable steel wire coil to secure it and no one else can take your bag if you are not looking.It would have been nice to have some small card pockets in the straps or a hidden back pocket, but I guess the main idea is security and to keep everything inside, also no luggage fixing strap, but it's not a big deal for me at least.I attached some pics and a video to better illustrate.Also, the package arrived on time, and although I didn't get any user manual, this seller was very prompt to answer any inquiry I had and the customer service went way beyond expected for me, so Kudos for that!
The product was delivered without the duffle bag
could be very helpful some litle opening for a credit card in the shoulder straps
This tech bag is the best I’ve ever used. It has a slim profile, has a lot of storage space, and holds its shape well. The bag has almost all internal pockets. There’s two external side pockets.One external is a thermal space for you to keep hot/cold/wet/dirty items. The thermal space folds and zips away when not in use so that it’s not using up your internal storage space. The other side pocket is where the door is for the external USB ports. Not much utility in that pocket, but if you need to store something small/flat for easy access, you have that option.The rest is all inside, and is kept safe with the zipper lock up at the top. There’s two zip pockets on the flap that folds down when you open the bag, two zipped side pockets with room for charging cables, pens/pencils, or other small items.Along the back wall, there’s a 15” laptop pocket that’s lined with amazingly soft material to protect your laptop, and a 10” tablet pocket. And along the bottom is a large pocket that goes the width of the bag with about an inch-wide Velcro in the middle to keep the pocket in place.The back of the bag is very well padded, as well as having some decent padding on the straps, along with an optional magnetic chest strap that, if you choose to use it, snaps into place and unclips just as easily so you’re not having to mess with it too much when taking it on/off.As far as extra accessories, it comes with a waterproof cover and small pouch to store that cover, as well as a small RFID blocking pouch that’s large enough to hold your wallet (photo with AirPods case for scale). I’d rather have an RFID pocket, but it’s nice that you can use the pouch and then store it where you please.Everything feels it’s made of fantastic quality material, and I couldn’t be happier with this backpack.

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