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Getting Started With Yoohoo For Local Merchants

What if you could magically entice potential customers driving nearby with your menu or a coupon to get them to stop in at your shop? How about if you could automatically reward your regulars with points or loyalty program?  Maybe you’d prefer just to announce today’s lunch specials as soon as they walked through your doors?  Well, you can do this and much more with Yoohoo.

App Access
Our local app users love stumbling across fun things to do and great places to check out.  We scope out the busiest areas in a city and designate them as Yoohoo Zones.  These zones are approximately 1 mile in radius (2 mile in diameter).  Within the Zone we’ll deliver great content like restaurants, nail salons, record stores and more.  We’ll add your establishment to the nearest Yoohoo Zone and deliver your content in rotation when an app user is nearby.  The rotation aspect keeps the content fresh and interesting for our users instead of seeing the same offer over and over again.  No set up or monthly fee (introductory pricing).  Its pay for performance with either clicks or Pay Per Call generated by listing. Get started today.

Walk-In Access
Not interested in offering discounts or coupons?  Perhaps you just want to offer what is going on in your shop like today’s lunch specials or weekend promotion without being in a rotation. It works like our similar services with our app users walking in to your establishment, getting a notification then viewing what you have to offer.   The Yoohoo Walk In Access is dedicated to just your location and it’s not on rotation so it’s all you, all the time.   No set up fees or hardware.  It’s just $99.a year and includes device hardware

Mobile Coupons – Redeemable
Interested in offering redeemable coupons for your business?  This service is great for merchants that want to validate or offer customers a one time use coupon.  When an app user is nearby your specific location they’ll receive a notification and your offer along with a “Staff Use Only” redeem button.  The customer shows the offer to earn the discount etc. and a staff member taps the button to redeem it.  Once redeemed it is no longer accessible to be used again.  For coupons there are no monthly fees it’s a simple pay for performance price at just $3 when it’s redeemed.  Get started today!

Loyalty Programs
Offer your best customers something in return to show your appreciation for their business.  It’s totally customizable to fit your business needs.  You can offer a digital stamp card i.e. “Buy 6 pizzas get one FREE!” There is no POS integration needed.  We’ll provide you with a tiny 2″ battery powered beacon.  When our app users make a purchase you direct them to bring their device close to beacon to collect the stamp or points.  Once they’ve hit the goal they will be presented with the offer. Loyalty programs are a great way to keep them coming back for more and it’s just $99 a year and includes device hardware.

Ready to get started or need more information? Give us a call at 855.424.4245 or email us

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