Logitech G633 Artemis Wired RGB 7.1 Surround Over-Ear Gaming Headset 981-000586 Logitech $57.95

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  • MPN: 981-000586
  • UPC: 097855115003

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If you're looking for a decent headset for a reasonable price then this is probably one of the best options. Much cheaper than buying the same one from most other places. However, this item is described as 'new/unused' but doesn't seem to match that description. I am aware that most are factory seconds, which would explain the scratches on the ear pieces and the bent micro usb plug (still works, used it to charge phone), but not the hairs and grit in the cushions and crevices. Overall the sound is pretty good,I haven't had a chance to test the mic yet but most other reviewers have good things to say about it so I'll have faith in that for now. The earpieces are mostly comfortable but wearing them for extended periods of time will (like most headsets) most likely result in sore ear areas. The 3.5mm plug seems to easy to accidentally remove when adjusting volume and mic settings on the cord so maybe plug the short side into your device rather than the headset. Also it would be nice to have an instruction manual so I can figure out what the buttons on the left earpiece mean...
The microphone is just bad. You have to boost the volume for anyone to hear, and even then, its barelly usable compared to my other ones. The usb cable is so loose it keep disconnecting (know issue, everyone has it). The software for it is also pretty bad, but at least it works.
Great sound,nice fit on ears really light weight and batteries last too long!!!
This Gaming headset is very good. Great for FPS and music. The software is easy to find on Logitech's website. I have been using Logitech products exclusively for years now. Mice, keyboard and headset. I usually get the refurbished ones. They are cheaper but work just as well. The only drawback is in previous reviews I have to agree, if you lean to far forward or backward they slip off your head. I was wearing a ball cap and they didn't move. Not bad for the money.
Product was great! I didn’t like that they came without a box and I feel like just shipping it in the bag is prone to getting damaged. After using the headphones for awhile everything about them is great! I stream and in my opinion these are great for them. A bit stinky when I took them out of the bag though but other then that it’s an A+ for me

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