Magna Tiles 100pc Clear Color 3D Magnetic Building Tiles – Valtech – NEW IN BOX Magna-Tiles $89.99

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  • Style: Clear Colors Tile Sets
  • MPN: 4300
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • UPC: 631291043003
  • Gender: Boys & Girls
  • Set Type: Magnetic Building Set
  • Piece count: 100 pieces set
  • Packaging: Box
  • Manufacturer: Valtech
  • Recommended Age Range: 3+

User reviews

Christmas gift for grandchildren. This is in addition to Magnablocks they use to build Castles, and other things. It helps with Math skills & spacial relationships. This will be a wonderful addition! Can't wait to see what they will build! The 3D will add a very interesting element to their creativity!! I did not open the box, but opened the box it was sent in. It looks like it travelled safely & everything looks intact. Lightweight blocks & easy for little hands to handle! Best gift EVER!
These are overpriced due to them coming from the US but ........ both my kids (3 & 4yo boys) love this toy. I noticed a lot of kinders have them & you can’t go wrong with a STEM toy. There’s cheaper versions but these are better designed & safer-the tiles can take some rough play. There’s different ways you can use them-on the fridge, on a light table, next to a sunny window, you can make dominoes out of them-YouTube have some great ways to play with them.
These Magna Tiles are great to keep the kids occupied and happy, while they build various shapes and designs. This box has many triangle and square parts that allow them to build rocket ships, houses, castles, and many other things. My grandchildren tried these while on vacation. They played more with these than they did with beach items and pool! Never seem to get tired of them. My wife and I bought this kit, which seems to be the same size and number of parts as the one available on vacation, and its the same result at home. They play for hours with these. Only problem so far is arguments over who gets what pieces!!! I recommend them strongly. The only downside is the price, but these are durable, and this size kit builds many different items...
I bought this initial set for my 4 year old great granddaughter because I saw her play with these a lot at my daughter's house (Grandma's house). She "LOVES" them and builds so many creative things. She loves animals so she's continually building them new "houses". A week later I purchased a windows/doors/fence set to enhance her animal projects. I highly recommend these. Her 2 year old sister is not so interested in them yet.
What can I say, they are magna tiles-it’s a no-brainer. Buy them! They are the best kind for quality, stand up well (don’t fall over easily even with stacking up 2 sets-200 magnets). They are pricey, but this is the best price I have ever seen them (if you can get for around $100 that is a good deal). Our kids constantly play with them, so that justifies the cost. They promote so much creativity & learning. Best toy we have. I would love to buy a third set!

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