Digital Mobile Coupon Service

Yoohoo Digital Mobile Coupons are the secured way to offer customers a discount.

Pay only when offers are redeemed.​

What did your last coupon campaign really cost? It’s easy to find out – Simply take charge for the service and divide that by the number of redeemed by customers.

Yoohoo Mobile Coupons are targeted based on user location and interests.  Plus, you’ll only pay when a customer redeems your offer.  A better ROI means a bigger bottom line.

Customers bring phones everywhere.

When you offer a mobile coupon you’ll reach local customers via the Yoohoo smartphone apps for Apple and Android. Our technology uses several methods like proximity to deliver content and offers.

Your offer will be readily available in the Wallet section of our app waiting to be redeemed.  We also can push your offer directly to users and deliver it when they are near a specify location .

Safe & Secure

Yoohoo Mobile Coupons are secure from fraudulent double dippers. A staff member enters a PIN code to authorize discount redeeming. Can your flimsy paper print out coupon do that?
No POS system intergration needed.  However, you can utilize your bar codes or QR codes to scan for discounts.

Ok, but it's probably really expensive, right? Nope.

No long term expensive campaigns. It's Pay-Per-Perfomance which means you'll only pay us when we deliver and a customer redeems your offer.

No redeemed offers? Pay us nothing. It's our job to market using our platform and website to bring attention to your offer. We'll include your offer in our apps, on our site, use geofencing, bluetooth beacons, heck we'll even use smoke signals if they work.




No Deposit


Per Redeemed Fee

Open an account before the end of the month and get your first 20 redeems FREE.
  • 10

  • 09

  • 28


What kind of sorcery is this?
Schedule a free demo and find out.

To schedule a free no obligation demo of the service please complete the form below.  We recommend that you download and install our free app for either Apple or Android prior to the demo.

Best number to use to provide service.

Pay Per Redeemed


  • No Monthly Fee
  • Pay Per Redeemed Coupon
  • *No Set Up Fee
  • No Deposit
  • Standard Website Listing
  • User Analytics

Venue Preferred


  • Premium Listing
  • Ranked Higher
  • Bluetooth Beacon
  • Personalized Walk-In Content
  • Schedule Content by time/day
  • Guest In Store Analytics
  • 1 Citywide in-app Notification
  • And Much More

Flexible Price Plans

All merchants must be listed on Yoohoo. If your business is already listed, find your listing and click “Claim A Listing” then choose Free Standard Listing.
There is no charge for this listing and you will only be billed $1.50 for each coupon redeemed. Venue Preferred package is another option that includes many great features that work well with coupons. 


*There is no account set-up fee.  However, if you need content created for you, there may be an in-house charge starting at $25

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