Monoprice MP i3 3D Printer Fully Assembled MicroSD & Sample PLA – Ebay Exclusive Monoprice $149.99

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  • *Specific 3DP Printing Size: 120 x 135 x 100 mm
  • Model: 130441
  • *Specific 3DP Printing Speed: 70 mm/sec
  • MPN: 130441
  • *Specific 3DP Interface: microSD card, USB
  • Features: MP i3 uses an open material system, which means you are not limited in your choice of materials.
  • *Specific 3DP Supported Filament: PLA
  • *Specific 3DP Capability: 100 microns (0.1mm)
  • *Specific 3DP Software: Cura, Repetier-Host, ReplicatorG, Simplify 3D
  • *Specific 3DP Features: Ready to print out of the box
  • UPC: 889028071373

User reviews

This is my intro into 3D printing and wanted one easy to use. Took a couple of times to get a print to stick to the bed but made some adjustments and learned the glue stick is in there for a reason. Works great after that. The printer is solid but had to do some leveling of the rubber supports under the unit initially. Could be my table. Once it’s set up, the heating of the nozzle is quick, loads a file quickly and easily. Print quality is good for the price. Spend some time adjusting the settings in the slicer software. Worth the time. One thing to note, the manual and slicer software (Cura) is on the micro SD card that comes with the unit. Didn’t see a manual for this model on their website. Enjoying it and looking forward to exploring more of what it can do.
It is a good 3D printer for the price. Would really love a heated bed. I would recommend spending a lot of time leveling the printer as well as utilizing masking tape and the included glue stick to ensure a good stick. It’s a nice all metal design but there isn’t a lot of documentation for printing settings. There is a lot of information for similar models but this model needs more documentation and forum posts.
This is an amazing built printer. I have printed a total of about 14 hours on this printer and the quality is decent. It’s not the best but compared to some printers at this price it is amazing. For $150 this is the best you’ll get. Amazing build quality, good PLA prints, ease of use. The only issue I’ve had with it so far is my friend clogged it. DO NOT USE THE INCLUDED DRILL BIT TO UNCLOG. The drill bit is so easy to snap. I bought This printer to bring To a 24 hour 3D design competition and until my team mate clogged it it worked amazing through the long prints we ran on it. The printer works best printing PLA at 205 c and running at a speed between 35-55 mm/s. I highly recommend this printer to anyone looking to get into 3D printing. Especially if they don’t want a DIY kit printer.
This is the first 3d printer I've ever used. This printer is a great price and ready to go out of the box. You can do quite a few small prints with the included sample PLA. Once you get it started printing it does a great job. Leveling the bed is kind of a pain and it seems you need to do it 3 to 4 times before every print. Otherwise it doesn't seem to work right. There are not a lot of instructions with the printer, and they're not great instructions. Also, the Cura installer on the included SD card wouldn't run. There was a glue stick included with the printer with nothing in the instructions about why it was there. A YouTube video I found indicated that it was a good idea to use glue to get the first layer of printing to stick to the bed better. It does seem to help.
This is the first 3D printer I have ever purchased. I am definitely a beginner with 3D printing but this printer makes it easy. I mostly use to print out mechanical parts, and it always seems to print out with great detail. I also like the small compact size.

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