Mr Heater 3800 BTU Indoor Outdoor Portable Little Buddy Propane Emergency Heater Mr. Heater $59.99

Mr Heater 3800 BTU Indoor Outdoor Portable Little Buddy Propane Emergency Heater Mr. Heater $59.99
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  • Location: Multi
  • Model: MH4B
  • Features: Portable
  • MPN: MH-F215100
  • Bundle Listing: No
  • Power Source: Propane
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Unknown
  • Type: n/a
  • UPC: 089301151000
  • EAN: 089301151000

User reviews

Even though it cost almost 1 1/2 One Pound Coleman tanks from 9pm to 5am, it’s great. Keeps my whole RV toasty warm. I would recommend by a large propane tank to refill the 1 pound tanks. Much cheaper. But I’ve not been cold once. The safety feature of turning off it it tilts is great. Only problem I have found is the bottom piece you place on propane tank does not secure properly and falls off when lifted off the ground to move the heater.
I bought this to heat my ice fishing hut and only used it a handful of times. Looks like it’s made pretty durable, the igniter works good, like the carry handle, the metal shield cools down pretty quick if you want to move spots. The negatives are the sensor for the automatic shut off is way too sensitive, if you dont have it pretty close to PERFECTLY flat it goes out which is a pain. Also there is no heat control so once it’s first lit it’s just barely staying lit, can’t have any wind blow on it or it goes out, plus once the honeycomb section is lit well finally and red it’s burning propane at such a low rate heat does not blow out of it, it only rises from it. I guess the plus to that is low propane consumption but it would be nice to be able to crank it up if you want to blow some heat at you. This is a new school version of a metal coffee can with a roll of toilet paper inside soaked in Isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
I have the larger Mr. Heater for our sailboat works great! So I bought this for our RTT roof top tent good don't get as hot which is good for a tent ,But! the base that holds the 1lb tank should be twice the size feels like it could fall over .I plan on fabricating a larger base 🙂 -=CC=-
Not cheap. It is tippy with the 1 lb cylinder. I asked Mr Heater for a parts list to hard pipe it directly to a 5 lb or 20 lb cylinder and I got parts list for using a hose. I don't want to use a hose. I like that it is quiet. I like that you don't need matches. I wish it had more than 1 heat output setting. It seems to be the best match available of heat output needed for my collapsible fish house.
I used this in my motorhome to keep the chill off at night and not have to use the furnace, which runs the batteries down significantly while boon-docking. It will run for 6 hours on one propane bottle, so it will not last all night. However, if you start it at midnight, it will run until 6 AM, at which time you can turn on your furnace for a short time if you're an early riser. Alternatively, if you don't want to run the furnace in order to save batteries, you could light the burners on your stove. Be sure to crack a window so as not to deplete all the oxygen. This unit works well.

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