NEW SEALED Apple Airpods Wireless Bluetooth Headset iPhones w/ iOS 10 or later Apple

NEW SEALED Apple Airpods Wireless Bluetooth Headset iPhones w/ iOS 10 or later Apple

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  • Connector(s): Not Applicable
  • Fit Design: In-Ear Only
  • Earpiece Design: Earbud (In Ear)
  • Color: White
  • Earpiece: Double
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Compatible Brand: For Apple
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
  • Includes: AirPods, Charging Case, Lightning to USB Cable
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • UPC: 0888462858410

User reviews

Walking around campus is easier than ever. No cord getting in the way, change song with two taps, pause music with two taps on the other pod(other settings, ie-Siri and Volume), answer phone calls, take pods out when walking in the door for class and the music pauses automatically. Great fit, they don’t fall out while working out. Easy to connect (Apple and other devices as well). Extremely easy with Apple devices as it pops up on the screen when the case is opened and the connectivity(?) button is pressed. However, activating Bluetooth on my HP laptop and Samsung Chromebook is easy as well. Hold connectivity button with both pods in the case, they pop right up. Easily switch from laptop back to phone and vice versa. Talking to a friend on the phone at the park while waiting for him to meet up for a run. He arrived and noticed the EarPods and asked if I was using them when we spoke - he said it sounded clear enough to have been talking directly into the phone. Love them. Never going back to Wired or any other BT brand. 15/10. 19 stars. Worth the price.
I am glad to have them because of ease of use and battery features. That being said they are lacking in sound quality. They have poor bass response and lose clarity when there is a lot of different instruments playing. For the price I expect more... I have sets that cost 1/3 and have much better sound. That being said I would buy them again. The particularly shine for listening in bed. I am comfortable laying sideways. If bass and great sound quality is what you want you should pass on these. If you want the easiest and most portable charging features combined with comfort these are perfect for you.
I looked at reviews that said sound was sub par and that's total bs. They are amazing as far as sound. I am a huge sound guy and have a 3000 watt system in-car and high end Yamaha sound in my house and even a bose system. These are great. The features are amazing as well. They last about 5-6 hours at high volume and charge in less than 30 min to full. I would recommend these to anyone with Iphones and am getting the rest of the family some. The price is well worth it. I almost passed due to other reviews but decided to give them a try and Damm glad I did. I'm not expecting a 3000 watt system in my ears but they do come close. The fit perfect and wearing them at work they stay where they should. You could jump on in a bouncy house and not fear them coming out. I've tried dozens of these with mixed reviews and by far these are the best. So buy with confidence that your getting a far superior product with these. Sorry for the long review by got pissed that people leave bad reviews that are not warranted. Apple hit it out the park with these absolutely a grand slam home run. One last thing. Even after an 9 hour day they don't hurt or even notice them in your ears. Awesome awesome.

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