nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Earbuds, Creates Personalized Sound, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Social Mode, Multi-tap Buttons, 20 Hour Battery Life $279.00

nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Earbuds, Creates Personalized Sound, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Social Mode, Multi-tap Buttons, 20 Hour Battery Life  $279.00
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Personalised sound: The world's only headphone to automatically learn and adapt to how you hear music.; Adjustable bass: Choose your level of Immersion, from low to the front row.; Active Noise Cancellation + Social Mode: Enjoy uniquely quiet listening, or hear conversations and your surroundings...

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I ordered these headphones because let's be honest, they have some pretty interesting features and abilities that you don't see in other headphones. Here's my breakdown:Pros:I think the silicone is super comfortable and the earcups don't bother my head where they go over my glasses which is a big plus for me.I like how much noise they cancel without being "noise-canceling" headphones. I can be watching a different show in the same room as my roommate (who always has things way too loud) without turning my volume up--it's like he's not even there.I like the look of these headphones; very simple and black and not overly large looking for being over-ear.The battery life seems to be pretty good, although I haven't really been keeping track. I've only charged them once and I've owned them for about a month with regular use. You can see how much battery life is left when you connect them to your phone, but there isn't an indicator on the headphones. When they are dying, they will say, "battery low" in your ears.I also really like the bass setting that these have. From what I understand, the outer cup is where the vibrations are generated (which you can adjust to your liking, so the sound doesn't have to feel super bassy like some are saying) giving you a very different experience than other headphones. I don't know how to describe it, but it's a very cool experience.Cons:Occasionally, I will find that they feel uncomfortable, but usually, a quick adjustment solves the problem. They're a little heavy which is the main problem for me since you can feel the weight on the top of your head. I haven't had any issues with the in-ear portion as some reviewers are stating they're uncomfortable. I guess it just depends on your ears, although the "earbuds" are quite squishy and seemingly adjustable.The cost is the real issue for average buyers--these are expensive headphones (and I wouldn't classify them as a well-known brand) which is a big deterrent. They have some cool features/technology which was why I personally bought them, but I'm not an audiophile and I'm not made of money either, so this was a little bit of a bigger commitment than I was comfortable making, but once I tried them, I deemed them worthy of keeping.Overall, I really like these headphones, and they're a conversation piece. I've always wanted some cool, good quality, Bluetooth headphones, and these seem to be just that.
I wanted a replacement for my ps4 platinum headset . I noticed, after using some $30 in-ear buds that produced better sound, that they just weren't providing me the punch i was looking for. Tried some Sennheiser's 550 pxc's and still was left wanting more. Then i decided to take a chance on a new, little known, revolutionary option. The Nuraphone. I was looking for an option loud enough where i would have to turn them down from the highest volume possible. Something that had bass comparable to the sound my subwoofers produce in my car. I didn't know if it was even possible at the $300-$400 range i was willing to pay. I'm glad to report to anyone who has been looking at YouTube videos or online reviews of these that they are indeed what we've been looking for.First the pros. The sound. It's.... unexplainable. You just have to bite the bullet and hear them for yourselves. I'm rocking out to them as i type this. I haven't been able to put them down. It's crazy. I consider myself a music aficionado. Not an audiophile per se, but someone who likes to escape the daily grind with a wide variety of different tunes for different moods. Music does this for me. Anyway, i have thousands of songs available to me that I've heard over and over again over time. I skip a lot of stuff usually, depending on said mood. But no more. Everything i listen to either sounds better then I've ever heard it or its to the point where I'm hearing it in a different way. I'm hearing things i never have before. Example: 311 is my favourite band. I used to play drums. We would play the song 'Down' in my band (circa 95 when it came out) the way i thought it was produced. I must have heard that song a million times, trying to get the beat down. I was wrong this whole time. Little things like bass drum rhythms are so much more distinguishable now. It's bananas. Rediscovering songs is the name of the game with Nuraphone's on. I love it. I lay in bed with the lights off and just get lost. Every night. For hours.I call these prescription headphones to everyone i show them to. I let them create a hearing profile (after a good mandatory ear cleaning) and just sit back and wait for their reaction. I then let them compare their profile to mine and my son's. It's pretty amazing to hear the difference in how differently we all hear things. Next level stuff, no doubt.The Immersion mode is basically the mode i was looking for but was totally unprepared for. Full disclosure, most things I've listened to sounded a bit too drowned out by the bass at 'front row' level, but certain songs do work. I usually use immersion mode a couple levels before full blown front row. That being said, these things kick. And it's different then most in-ear headphones I've experienced in the past, that would seem to give that feeling of being at a concert. The sound isn't pumping straight into your ears. That's the mids and highs. The bass rumbles from inside the cans, separately, in through the back of your ears. Its brilliant. I get no ear fatigue this way. You can hear all the notes from the bass guitar and individual drums perfectly. Sound is top notch on these. Different then anything I've ever heard. Better than anything I've ever heard, no doubt. 'A Kiss from a Rose on the Grave' almost made me tear up. Almost..The carrying case is top notch in every way. I keep the headphones in them, not just to protect my investment, but because its nice to take them out when I'm about to listen to more music or whatever. Screams quality. Passive noise cancellation is just as good as the active noise cancellation in the 550's. Just have to take them off to hear what's around you. They are well ventilated. My ears didn't sweat inside the cans. After hours of use the ear bud part would start to get moist but that's normal from what I've found when using in-ear headphones/ buds..Now for the cons as nothing is perfect. They don't fold up. They are pretty heavy compared to those 550's, but those are some of the lightest you can get (for the quality). There's no volume control from the touch pads on the side as of yet. This could change with a firmware update eventually, which i have hope for. You must use your device for The time being. The touch pads themselves are very sensitive and will get touched by accident, no doubt about it. The Bluetooth connection, while very solid in every way, is limited to one device at a time. I have to turn off the Bluetooth on my phone in order for it to connect to my tv. Then i have to have my tv 'forget' the Bluetooth connection for the headphones before reconnecting back to my phone again. Its a little inconvenient but again, something that could and should be remedied eventually through an update. Hopefully.There's no way to see the power level left on the headset without having to go to the app. Weird decision. They use their own proprietary connection to the headset so I can't use my phone cord. You can buy them though for 20 bucks from their site. Doesn't come with a regular headphone jack that would plug into your phone either. $20 for that. So its Bluetooth or bust right out of the box. But i guess that's the idea, right? I would have liked the option myself.That's about it. I've heard people complain about some discomfort in the way the little in-ear stalks sit in your ear but i luckily haven't had that problem after using them for a good while now. I've heard that there's a sort of break in period for some. Its one of those things where you're just going to have to try them out for yourself and decide if they're what your wanting. They offer a 30 day money back trial but Amazon already kind of takes care of that with their return policy anyway. These are THE headphones I've always been waiting for but never knew existed until recently. Hope this helps some of you out there on the fence! I'll update this review through time as i get more 'hands on-y' with them.

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