Pet Armor Pro Advanced For Cats Flea and Tick For All Weights $13.59

Pet Armor Pro Advanced For Cats Flea and Tick For All Weights  $13.59
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Use PetArmorPro Advanced for Cats monthly for complete control of flea, tick, and chewing lice infestations. Kills fleas for up to six weeks. Apply monthly in high infestation areas.

User reviews

The product works just like I expect it to. What I'd like to review is the vendor from which I purchased this from. We've been using this brand for quite some time and haven't had problems. In this last batch, when we went to apply the second month's dose, there was no medicine in the tube. Upon inspection, I found a slit down the side of applicator that had let the medicine leak out into the box. When I filed a refund on Amazon, the seller contacted my within a day and reviewed my description. The seller then refunded 1/3 of the full price since only one of the three was faulty. It was SO nice to see someone in the world use common sense. It is exactly what I wanted, but didn't have the room to describe it all in the 200 characters allowed. A+ for common sense!
It does the job. It does not seem to be as greasy or oily as some other products I have used. There is not much else to say, It works!. I am very happy with it and think it is a good value for the cost.
What can I say that pet people don't already know. This is a necessity and keeps the fleas out of our home. Our cat is indoor/outdoor. We live in a heavily wooded area with many small woodland creatures, thus the outdoor. Too cold of winters so then it's indoor. We are flea free.
This was the third product I purchased in a 3 month period and the only one that worked! Both my cat and dog had fleas. I tried 2 other brands that made absolutely no difference. I purchased this brand both the cat and dog versions and by the next day there was a noticeable difference. Now 2 months and 2 treatments (once a month) later, both animals are flea free!
I just put this on my kitten yesterday after she started scratching herself. So far, we haven't noticed any scratching so far today which is great!! I just hope it lasts a month like it says! I have used this before and liked it also!

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