PRAVETTE Projector for Home Office Use Multimedia Entertainment Updated 30% Brighter Sharp Screen, Support Native1080p Dual HDMI USB Computer Laptop Video Movie $143.99

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  • Brand Name: PRAVETTE
  • Item Weight: 5.62 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 10.2 x 4.7 inches
  • Color Name: Black


Updated 30% Lumens of Brightness: Offer a highly visible display with clear on-screen images. 3,000:1 Contrast Ratio: Provides a multitude of shades between black and white for rich color saturation. 32" - 200" Viewable Screen Size: Allows everyone in the room to enjoy a clear view. Dual HDMI...

User reviews

I purchased this unit as a "budget" HD upgrade over an older VGA projector. I am using an Amazon Firestick for video source via HDMI. Conveniently, it has two USB ports so the projector itself can be used to power the Firestick instead of having to rely on a separate power source. The image produced is definitely bright and crisp - clearly a significant upgrade over my previous 640 X 480 unit. The keystone correction is a nice feature, as is the ability to shrink the picture to 75% if needed. I watched some sports on it, and was very impressed by the resolution and experience. The picture is still watchable under low incandescent lighting, but of course everything really pops out when the lights are completely off in a dark room. The sound is tinny, as one would expect for this price (I will be using RCA audio output to my stereo system anyway) . I would say that the one weakness worth considering so far is the fan noise. It seems pretty loud - louder than my old one. Again, I am willing to accept that due to the price point.
This one sounded promising. It claims to be 3300 lumens but is about as bright as my 2000 lumens projector that I wanted to replace. Colors are bland and picture is not bright, unless the projector is about six feet from the surface onto which you are projecting, making the image about the size of a large TV screen. I wanted it to show photos, like an old style carousel slide projector would. Jpegs are bland. Yes I tried to adjust the contrast, brightness, color settings... Not worth the trouble. Maybe it's all that can be expected at this price point. Next time I will try spending a little more.
Worked fantastic for what I needed it for.

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