Chicks With Wigs Series 1 Collect all 24


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Chicks With Wigs Series 1 Collect all 24

Chicks With Wigs Series 1 by Jakks Pacific

  • Super cute chicks with funny hairstyles
  • Dozens to collect
  • Chicks come in multiple colors
  • Wigs are rooted and styled in cute hairdos
  • Each chick features a different facial expression or accessory
  • Packed in blind boxes for a fun surprise
  • Ages 3+

These chicks aren’t soft and cuddly, but they’ve got killer hair. They are a line of collectibles featuring chicks with some serious hairdos. From short red bobs to bright blue stacks of curls, each chick is totally unique and has hair unlike any other. They’ll make you laugh for days!

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