Punch Card Service

$34.95 / month with a 45-day free trial and a $25.00 sign-up fee

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1998 called.  It wants its inefficient and unsecured paper punch cards back.  Here in the future, we use our smartphones for everything including getting rewarded.  Offer your patrons an easy to use and secure digital punch card.  Once your business subscribes to the service, your card will accessible right from the free Yoohoo app waiting for them to use.  No cards to lose or leave home.

  • Your customer simply opens the card and presents it to a staff member.
  • A PIN code is required to prevent fraudulent stamps (can your paper card do that?).
  • Punch is awarded – You can specify how how long they must wait to earn another punch.
  • Once a customer earns your required number of punches, your offer is displayed (this can include a barcode or QR Code).
  • When the customer wants to redeem the reward, a PIN code is again entered (optional, but recommended).
  • Offer is greyed out as used and no longer accessible.
  • You can specify if the program will reset for customers to start earning punches again or if its a one time program.
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