Magical GoSumos GROBOTS for your Smart Phone by Nowstalgic Toys


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Magical GoSumos GROBOTS for your Smart Phone by Nowstalgic Toys

GROBOTS GoSumos AR Magical Stickers for your Smart Phone by Nowstalgic Toys

  • 12 Stickers included / 6 different designs
  • Augmented Reality technology transforms 2D into 3D!
  • GOSUMOS AR unleashes your virtual imagination into the space around you!

Conjure up a robot to walk around on your desk! With 12 different stickers to summon and control. The Future is here for your Smart Phone… GoSumos! Stickers have been around for years, but these aren’t just ordinary stickers. Bring GoSumos to life using the “magic” of augmented reality. Transforms 2D into 3D!! The stickers act as a portal that teleports your character into your phone. Once it has teleported, you can control your character. Each character has their own special ability. Make them run/swim/jump across your table! You can even record and share your footage on social media to all your friends. What will you do with your GoSumos? Download the free GoSumos App – Peel and place the sticker – Activate the sticker to bring them to life – Now control it and make them go!! Recommended for ages 4 years and up.

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