Lego 40236 Romantic Valentine Picnic 126 PCS


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Lego 40236 Romantic Valentine Picnic 126 PCS

Lego Romantic Valentine Picnic Set

  • Lego Item #40236
  • 126 pieces
  • Includes 2 minifigures: a boy and a girl, plus a bird figure.
  • Features a blooming tree, heart-shaped lawn, bouquet of flowers, red balloon and various buildable accessories and elements, including a picnic blanket, 2 sandwiches, cakes, table, 2 glasses and a bottle.

Celebrate the season of love with this Lego Romantic Valentine Picnic set! It features 2 besotted minifigures enjoying sandwiches, cakes and beverages on a heart-shaped lawn beneath the shade of a blooming tree. Also, this Lego set includes a buildable picnic blanket, red balloon, bouquet of flowers. And, of course, food and drink accessories—everything you need for a romantic picnic! In fact, it makes a great seasonal gift for LEGO® fans.


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