ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth Computer Speakers Klipsch $139.00

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  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Number of Speakers: 2 + Subwoofer
  • Configuration: 2.1 System
  • Features: Headphone Jack, Volume Control
  • MPN: 1062918
  • Interface: Audio Jack, Headphone Jack
  • UPC: 743878029987

User reviews

I was in search of a set of speakers that I could play my digital piano through. I didn't want just anything, but a pair that would give clarity and detail, almost like a pair of my earphones from Etymotic. I'm really into hearing music as it is, with nothing added, like bass. The klipsch 2.1 got pretty close for my 1st set of speakers. But bass junkies do not despair! This baby gives you all the bass you need and more if you want. I also use these to listen to music in general, the sound is great. The power almost rivals my bose - I just can't see how loud either of them really go without reaching the point where you'll hear me from all over the neighborhood! Only "complaint" is that the wires are really long, but this was a setup originally used for desktop computers, so I really don't mind. Also, I think the audio plug has some connection issues- but a replacement can be had on the cheap at the manufacturers, and it's still under the original price. It's definitely worth the full price, and just an amazing deal bought used. My seller, freshtekbargain, sold me one in good condition. Delivery came in a short time, and it's been about a month since I've used these. You won't be seeing me return these.
Installed this replacement about a month ago and the sound is excellent HOWEVER it is not an exact replacement because it is missing the channel around the rim that holds the speaker grill in place so you will have a speaker grill flapping in the wind till you figure out a solution, mine is painters's tape for now. Plus the terminals on the replacement does not have the different widths for proper phasing, I carefully trimmed the proper one with my Dremel down to the size from the amp itself, there are adapters but at 11 pm on a Sunday night? Don't think so. Jazzy design look and a metallic? composite for the cone, decent quality build. I'm satisfied except for feeling a bit mis-led on the ad implying specifically to replace Klipsh Promedia 2.1 subwoofer. But for $30.00 it is a good bang for your buck
I am a mid-fi audiophile who dabbles mainly in ~$300 headphones. I also like to pick up used electronics at thrift stores and have auditioned a lot of multimedia speaker systems of various price ranges. In my opinion, the Klipsch ProMedia series are all pretty decent-sounding - and as far as high-powered, THX-certified multimedia speakers are concerned, they may be the best option in terms of sound quality at this time (the number of competing manufacturers have gone down. Cambridge Soundworks is no longer producing their THX GigaWorks series, and Altec Lansing's foray into this niche market was short-lived - which is a shame since their ADA995 THX system is by far the best multimedia speakers I have auditioned). Klipsch and Logitech are the only surviving players, and each have their own distinct design philosophy. Klipsch has stuck to a 2-way design (dedicated tweeters + woofers), while Logitech has stuck to high-excursion phase plug drivers. Generally speaking, Klipsch's implementation is acoustically superior, but there are some caveats and things aren't so black & white. As I aforementioned, I pick up a lot of used electronics from thrift stores. I have come across at least 3 full sets of ProMedia 2.1, one set of 4.1, one set of 5.1, and at least a dozen subwoofer units. One thing that became immediately clear to me as I started testing them was that Klipsch's seems to have cut some corners with the electronics. 3 of the subwoofer modules I picked up were defective, and almost all the control pods I tested exhibit some level of scratchiness when the volume control is turned (indicating low quality pots). I have picked up & tested just as many Logitech sets of various makes and their volume control is almost never faulty, and the rate if defective sets seem to be a lot lower. So as far as build quality & longevity is concerned, Logitech seems to have the upper hand. What about sound quality? Well, the Klipsch is significantly warmer than the Logitech counterparts (Z-2200/2300, Z623), the latter is actually tonally more neutral (yes, based on my experience with hi-fi headphones, I would say Logitech's tuning is closer to neutral). The Klipsch has a fairly forward mid-range that gives vocals and strings a lot of body. The treble by contrast is fairly neutral - even subdued compared to the Logitech - but with excellent clarity (owing to the tweeters). While whether the warm mid-range is a good thing or not is up to user preference, it is undeniable that the treble is where the Klipsch really has an upper hand against Logitech. Instrument separation and positioning is simply a notch better on the Klipsch, whereas the Logitech - while having a fair amount of treble presence - sounds a bit fuzzy and indistinct. Bass-wise, the Klipsch sub has decent volume and extension, but I find it to be somewhat boomy and loose. The Logitech offering actually sounds cleaner in this department. All in all, both the Klipsch and Logitech offerings have their pros and cons. Logitech has superior build quality and components, cleaner bass, and more neutral tuning. The Klipsch has a very warm, musical signature that is very pleasant, as well as having superior treble clarity and therefore better sound stage, instrument separation & positioning. P.S. - There are two major revisions of the ProMedia 2.1. The older units have a power switch on the sub, and detachable cables on the satellites. The newer units lack the power switch on the sub, and has fixed cables on the satellites. Internally, the revision is quite significant; the newer units transitioned to using chip amps, which means the subwoofer is now much lighter and less cramped inside. This change has a lot of users screaming about alleged inferior sound quality, but having directly compared the two revisions side-by-side, I can safely debunk these claims (modern chip amps can actually sound quite good, check some reviews on Head-Fi). If anything, the newer unit (chip amped) sounds better: the treble is more forward and clearer, and the bass is less boomy, more controlled. I have attached some photos of the two revisions, feel free to check.
I work in the fields of audio and video so I know a few things about good speakers and bad ones. I had never heard of Klipsch before about 6 years ago when my college roommate and I wanted to build desktops. When we got around to speakers I told him that I had a cheap Altec set that I was happy with but after much kicking and screaming he convinced me to go with a pair of "real" speakers. As soon as I got them I loved them, the highs mids and bass are all crisp and rich. The set up does not take an audio wiz to figure out (even though I happen to be one), the module from the main speaker goes right into your sound card and there are some tinned leads that go from the sub to the speakers. There are no amps or preamps needed, everything you need is right there. I have run into some heavy sound systems that even have a problem keeping up with these. I have used them for just about everything and even used them at a few parties where, even in a room full of loud talkers, I did not need to turn the volume all the way up. For the money, size, and simplicity you cannot do better. Klipsch has a bevy of add ons to your 2.1 system that you can use if your sound card accommodates.
My old much-beloved Creative Labs Megaworks 510d 5.1 system (which I would rate as 5 stars) died, so I was in search of a replacement. I first tried a Logitech X540 5.1 system, but the hard-wired control pod was too large to fit through the predrilled hole in my solid surface desk top, so I had to resell it. I ultimately decided to scale back to a 2.1 system. I considered the Bose Companion 5 which sounded good at the Bose outlet store, but I could not reconcile myself to the price. I saw favorable reviews on both the Logitech Z623 2.1 system and this Klipsch ProMedia 2.1. I originally bought the Logitech Z623 2.1 system from a major online retailer. The bass was outstanding - clean, tight, powerful, everything you could ask for in a PC subwoofer. But the overall system lacked 'presence' - not sure if it was a lack of mids or highs - especially on vocals. So before returning it, I purchased the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system here on eBay so I could compare them on the same PC in the same room just by switching input cables. The Klipsch had equally powerful bass - not sure it was as 'tight' and clean, but if not, very close and excellent nonetheless. The difference in what I called 'presence' was immediately noticeable. Much improved. These were keepers, while the Z623 was returned. Full disclosure - I am no audiophile, having hearing loss on the high-end that requires hearing aids which I seldom wear. So your conclusions might be different, but I doubt it. The Klipsch two-way subs are just more vibrant and alive than the single speakers in the Z623 subs without being tinny or harsh. What the Klipsch lacks that the Z623 had was an on/off button on the sub - or anywhere else. Both had bass volume and overall volume controls on the sub; I would rate the feel of the larger knobs on the Z623 as better. The Z623's sub is substantially larger, so one might say that Klipsch's ability to get equally powerful bass from a smaller enclosure is an advantage. Both are good. The Klipsch, to my ear, is noticeably better.

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