Pulsar 2000 Watt Portable Gasoline Quiet Inverter Generator PG2000IS Pulsar $319.00

Pulsar 2000 Watt Portable Gasoline Quiet Inverter Generator PG2000IS Pulsar $319.00
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  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Model: PG2000IS
  • Modified Item: No
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • MPN: PG2000IS
  • Rated Output: Less than 2,000W
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Tank Capacity: 1.18 Gal.
  • Generator Type: Portable
  • Manufacturer: Pulsar
  • Max Output: 2,000 - 3,000
  • Item Warranty: Yes
  • Type: Inverter
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PG2000IS
  • Battery Included: No (Body Only)
  • UPC: 819699010340

User reviews

I couldn't be happier having bought this Pulsar generator. I opened the box, put in the oil that it comes with, filled it with gas and it started on the second pull. (I didn't have the choke on for the first pull). It is so quiet that if there is any other noise in the vicinity you can't tell it's running. I took it to my sailboat and plugged it into the shore power, then turned on the boat three bank battery charger, some cabin lights, a Ryobi battery charger, and the TV. While the shore power was plugged in I plugged in my skilsaw worm drive saw into the second AC receptacle on the generator. The skilsaw draws 13 amps. I held my breath and pulled the trigger to cut some marine ply. The Pulsar revved up and smoothed out without skipping a beat. I ran it for three hours the first day. Hoorah, I bought a Pulsar.
Generator appears to be very well made , starts easily usually on second pull , needs to be choked , runs smooth and steady but will not pull 1600 watts ! 1250 watts is about all that can be squeezed out of this unit , any more and engine " hunts " for rpm . I called tech and he agreed with my figures and offered me money back . It runs so smooth at 1250 watts and below I decided to keep it . Have owned 10 other generators at one time or another including the red one but this one just runs too good not to keep . Lightweight and very attractive . I have bigger generators if I need more capacity. If 1200 watts will meet your needs I would highly recommend this unit especially at the price . Bob in Omaha .
This 2000 W generator runs my RV air conditioner and starts it up every time it is a 13,500 BTU unit. This thing out performs my Generac 2000 W inverter in every way it’s quieter runs better has more neat features and handles about 300 more Watts than an equivalent 2000 W Generac. But what impresses me the most is how it starts by Rv air conditioner with no problem at all and that’s very unusual for a small 2000 W generator if you want to look it up on YouTube search 2000 W pulsar generator versus Generac 2000 W generator and you might see my video. Or search 2000W pulsar generator starts RV air conditioner. I’m actually going to return the little 2000 W Generac because I’m not impressed at all. The Generac won’t even begin to try to turn the air conditioner on or start it up I tried 10 different ways and there’s no chance of the Generac starting the air conditioner but the pulsar does it every time.
Has the instructions stated that changed the oil at the 5 hour mark , I will also change it in another 5 hours just because . Took three pulls to start the first time but of course pulling it from the box after that only takes one pull to start right up I ran it on a load of 1500 watts after letting it run with no load for 20 minutes handle the 1500 watts like a champ then I bumped it up to 1800 watt right after no issues put it at the 2000 Watt Max Run the overload light came on as expected since this was the max output then I lowered it no issues at all is pretty quiet and about 20 feet away it is super quiet this unit was recommended to me by a buddy for a pop-up trailer you will not be disappointed not quite sure on how long the fuel will actually last at 1500 watts but I will find out this weekend and no it is not a Honda but I do not regret and I purchase great product five stars no tissues there was a review earlier someone said that the bolts or screws came loose by the exhaust the plastic cover I have not had any issues myself with anything being loose. And the packaging was great no damage to product all parts were included as stated
I just opened it but so far so good. I've been looking at this generator for a while and finally bought it. I go camping every so often and just need some power for a few things like a coffee pot and to keep the block rocker, my radio , charged. I took it out of the box, poured in the oil that came with it put a little fuel in and pulled the starter cable. It started first pull! It is nice and quite especially on economy. I ran a shop vac and a grinder separate for while and it worked great. Obviously I need to try it out a few times to really test it but so far so good.

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