Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing


The Yoohoo Real Estate Marketing service lets you reach potential buyers or renters when they are near the property location. When our app users that are specifically interested in Real Estate come within range, we’ll deliver the listing details along with a short contact request form.  We’ll instantly deliver it via email and text message so you can respond to buyers ASAP (time kills all deals).

Let’s think about that for a minute. This means that you can reach mobile buyers well beyond your road side signs could ever.  No listings at the moment?  Introduce yourself to buyers and sellers in a specific area as the “Neighborhood Specialist”.  Not an agent? No problem. For sale by owners can generate interest to their properties too.
Here’s what makes these hot leads;

  • Users are interested and have opted in to receive Real Estate information by selecting the Yoohoo app real estate category preference.
  • They are local and familiar with the neighborhood where your listing is located.
  • They are close enough (approx 1 mile) at that very moment to drive and view property or even better, meet you there for a guided tour.
  • Buyers are expressing interest in a specific property and want you to tell them more about it.
  • Optionally could be shown other properties as a newly acquired client.

No monthly fees or charges. Never pay for bogus leads. It’s performance based at just $20 per lead (introductory pricing).  Please note there is a limit of 8 real estate listings (in rotation) within each zone, however there are typically 4 to 5 zones within a average city.

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