Redcat Racing Shockwave 1/10 Scale Nitro Engine 4×4 RC Remote Control Buggy Redcat Racing $0

Redcat Racing Shockwave 1/10 Scale Nitro Engine 4×4 RC Remote Control Buggy Redcat Racing $0
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  • Bundle Listing: No
  • Scale: 1:10
  • UPC: Yes
  • MPN: 609132469756
  • Type: Buggy
  • Color: Blue
  • Model: Shockwave
  • Required Assembly: Ready to Go/RTR/RTF (All included)
  • Vintage (Y/N): No
  • Characteristics: n/a
  • Model Grade: Hobby Grade
  • Motor Type: n/a
  • 4WD/2WD: 4WD
  • Fuel Type: Nitro

User reviews

From what I know about r/c cars having only ever owned battery, Shockwave seems to be put together very well I did add a redcat electric starter an have it fired only for a few minutes so not even broke in yet { was going to break-in in basement but bad mistake no ventilation }. Am looking forward to running it have already thought about a big block. Can I make it work in a shockwave ?
good nitro for a beginner, easy set up, easy to tune, after break in car runs well with minimal adjustments, does seem a little weak in some areas, but well worth the money spent. would like the suspension to be a little more adjustable (rear toe) but works well out of the box.
I have always wanted a RC Car that ran on fuel and when I found this Redcat Racing Shockwave buggy I could not pass up the opportunity to own it. I have had lots of fun. There is however alot to know when you upgrade to fuel based RC Cars and it can be discouraging. You need to have patience and take time to learn how to properly operate the vehicle. Overall I am happy with my purchase. Redcat offers many "How to" videos on their website which have been great help.
Great product, once you did all the "warm up" when you start to run the car is amazing, i really recommend to watch the videos on youtube about how to start with nitro cars. I had a lot of problems cause didn't know how to do some things but after watching the videos all the tasks are simple, just take time. Also let it cool down after each tank of fuel ro you can damage the gears (happened to me). Replacing the parts is really simple, just need to take the booklet for check the part and watch the videos for fix it properly.
This is a great car if you want to put the effort into owning a nitro. These cars are well made and do take a beating. Adjustments will be needed, and patience is needed. You need starting equipment and tools. This is not a toy. If you want to turn it on and go, get the electric version. If you like to tinker and are willing to learn as you go, get the nitro. You may need to do some reading or ask questions. You need to break it in correctly and care for it. You have to clean and adjust things periodically. Don't trash a product simply because you failed to check gear mesh, you didn't break it in properly, or you expected it to leap out of the box and drive itself around. I've compared this car to several other brands, and this car is just as good as the more expensive cars. All nitro's take effort, and even the electric cars require adjustments and some knowledge. If you're not up for it, toys r us has many slow, plasticy models to choose from. The shock towers bend easily, but far as I know, most vehicles are designed to roll on wheels, not the roof. Ofna's and Kyosho's break when you hit stuff too. Take the time to learn before you give a poor rating.

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