Refreshed and Focus Herbal Tea Bundle | Natural Sleep Aid + Metabolism Booster Teas | Relax at Bedtime and Feel Energized During The Day $26.23

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Energize Tea and Sleep Tea bundle

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This really is a nice power pack combo. I really like Energize. It gives me just enough get up and go with the jitters. It's a smooth citrus blend no sweetener needed for me. Perfect for the office, 2 cups one with breakfast and 1 right after lunch gives me the push I need to finish the day . After a long day cozy up with sleep blend. Sleep really does what it says sleep! I tend to be restless at night tossing and turning. A warm bath or shower, pjs and this tea = lights out. I had such a peaceful deep sleep. I didn't wake up until morning when the clock went off. It's a wonderful herbal blend, nice taste to me. You can't go wrong.
"This tea really impressed me with the quality and delicious taste!! I love both of these teas and they definitely deliver! I also purchased the "Hey Girl Cleanse" and this is what I thought... I eat mostly healthy, but still wake up feeling bleh, you know bloated and just not "good". This tea really helped!! I didn't have any amazing BMs or anything, but I did wake up each morning feeling so much better! Bloat was gone! I love this tea and have happily made it part of my nighttime ritual."
These teas are delicious! I have the infuser bottle too, so taking the energy tea with me to work is easy!
Both teas taste amazing! Love them both. They do what they say too. The energize tea helped up my energy and the sleep tea helped me to go to sleep.
I have always had trouble sleeping, I have been taking sleeping meds for years, I came across this tea and decided to give it a try. I have now been taking it for a little over 1 week and it has worked and helps me sleep through the night.

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