REVEAL Fabric 360 Surround Sound Bluetooth Wireless Speaker I Portable Outdoor, Indoor Splash Proof Protection IPX4 I Deep Bass, 20 Hour Battery Life, Hands Free mic I Natural Linen Fabric $31.99

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Immerse yourself in full 360-degree Surround Sound with this Stylish Natural Linen Bluetooth Speaker. Fashionable Fabric Design- Natural Linen Fabric with IPX4 Splash Proof Protection. Durable Fabric and Rugged Rubber Material- suitable for indoor and outdoor use.; High Definition Sound- 2x6 watt...

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this speaker is freaking awesome. love the design, love the sound. battery lasts a long time. highly recommended.i attach it to my bike handlebars for motivational music during my workout.
Great portable speaker. The sound is solid and I love the simple design. The battery life is great. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and have only had to charge it once, although I have used it daily since I got it. My friends have commented on the nice look and the surprisingly loud and clear sound. Great price point, too. A+++
So i've had this speaker for 3 months now and i love it, but there one problem now. It won't charge at all. I have tons of different cable that will charge it and yes, i've tried the original cable. but none work. It was fine in the beginning i used at work and it worked fine, for the first month. bu then as I stopped using it. i just put it away. in November i started using it again and now it won't charge. if anything just buy a high-quality speaker. they'll do the same job just way better than Fabric Speakers.
This speaker is incredible. I love music and the sound quality on this for the amount it costs is hard to beat. The fact that this speaker is portable, has a long battery life, and has bluetooth and an aux input is phenomenal. I listen to music on this speaker daily because it is that great. I don't go anywhere without it!
Great sound! Holds charge for an eternity. Material feel great and high quality

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