Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKMXAR 10.1″ 16GB Tablet W/ 32GB MicroSD Card Samsung $159.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKMXAR 10.1″ 16GB Tablet W/ 32GB MicroSD Card Samsung $159.99
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  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Manufacturer Color: Black
  • Storage Capacity: 16 GB
  • Hardware Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB 2.0
  • Color: Black
  • Internet Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Network: Not Applicable
  • Screen Size: 10.1 in
  • Type: Tablet
  • Product Line: Galaxy Tab A
  • Processor: Octa Core
  • UPC: 887276165769

User reviews

I like Samsung Galaxy android tablets. This model has a built in tutorial, which is good, but I haven't learned how to stop it from popping up and playing background music. I am still trying to learn to use the settings features. My new tablet came with a micro SD card, so I need to learn how to transfer my photos to the card. The quality of the picture on the screen is very good.
There are two different Tab A's. Model P and T. I was hoping to have a Tab A that allowed for use of a pen. I bought the T (without pen) thinking I could buy a pen later. No dice. The drivers in the P (with pen) are not in the T. Therefore samsung S pen and Wacom bamboo are just finger extensions without special function. I returned my unit.
I received a BLU phone with Marshmallow and liked it. So I bought a tablet with Marshmallow. This is a good, solid machine. The battery life is very good as long as you don't run the screen at full brightness. I use this in full sun, so need the screen to be as bright as possible. The battery life is cut in half at full brigtness. But if you can use it at half brightness or less, you will find the unit runs a very long time between charges (couple of days without charging). Pros: It is fast! The screen viewing angle is good, but not quite as good as Lenovo; Decent weight; Battery life is very good - unless you turn the screen up to full brightness. Cons: Speaker is very weak compared to Lenovo. Monoral rather than stereo and mounted on the side rather than front-facing. To work around this I use a BlueTooth speaker when showing videos; Bloatware; Hard to root (but can be done). In all, a good experience.
This Tablet is Perfect for Casual and Light usage. The screen is bright and its very snappy. I bought it for an older person and again its just right as it provides a good sized screen and simple layout. Great Buy!
Battery lasts for days of normal use and the screen is gorgeous. Great value for the money. It is a bit thicker than some premium tablet and while you can install a memory card, it is a bit of hard to use this for apps and games as you have to manually move them over which I would give it 4.5 stars out of five.

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